Astro News “Relationships”


By Ruby

A beautiful connection is underway between Venus and Neptune, and we can be much more receptive to such things as beauty, the arts and our imagination! We are just simply tuned in with our hearts to our spirit! Doesn’t that sound magical, well it can be. Harmony, kindness and compassion rule the day with this energy, so it’s important to be gentle with others and harness this energy. The simple pleasures of life can be felt very strongly now.

Relationships can flow much easier because the tension has been removed for now, and we tend to see the best in folks. Romance is highly favored!

There’s just one problem and that is mental Mercury is squaring sensitive Chiron…. as well over these next few days. This energy can have us feeling more reserved and held back when it comes to expressing how we feel. So this can take away some of that beautiful energy from the Venus/Neptune influence and sort of interupt the good vibes it is trying to bring in. It may make it more difficult to trust or believe what other folks are trying to say, or communicate to us, because we don’t quite get how they’re really feeling when they do talk to us.

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