Astro News June of 16


June of 16
By Ruby

You may be feeling like you’ve been waiting for something, because many of us don’t have our normal energy levels right now to complete the tasks we want to. So we feel held back and just “Stuck” period.

Now here’s the good news, on June 29th, Mars the planet of action and movement actually gets moving forward again. Since mid-April it has been Retrograde and we have been forced to take a step back and learn some patience, and go within ourselves. Which really has been an opportunity if we like it or not, as this is the energy we’ve been in and there’s not a lot we can do about it, but roll with it! So many folks have been upset, frustrated, angry, and emotionally drained by this influence because so many of us feel held back or stuck.

But the good news is Mars starts to move forward on the 29th, and finally we can have some relief. Once Mars starts back on the right track again, we can finally release some of our pent up anger and frustrations. As Mars moved out of Retrograde things will get going again and move forward, so any issues you’ve had will slowly start to be resolved. Just know there is a long shadow-period after Mars comes out of its Retrograde cycle, so things won’t all just be perfect. We must be patient and give our problems some time to work themselves out. The signs that are ruled by Mars, Aries and Scorpio both Sun and Rising Signs, have had it especially rough during this Retrograde cycle, and should really feel some relief soon. But all of the signs in the zodiac have been feeling this energy in some way, soon enough we will be on the right track again at least towards our goals, so set plans now. It will be easier to move forward again with confidence after the 29th, look for some positive changes to start to happen in July! Whatever you start to work on now will get the energy in motion, and finally this should eventually produce some kind of positive outcome. For some of you this will show up in a pretty big way over the next month or so

You may already have a small clue as to what you should be working on to harness this powerful energy. I can do some research for you and share with you just where your “Mars” focus should be now. You can move forward and activate wherever Mars is now moving through in your personal Astrology chart. (yes, we all have a chart based on the time and place we were born) For example, if you have something coming in your career zone of your chart, you should know about it, so that you’re prepared. Maybe you’re hoping to meet a soulmate. Mars can show me where and when your love energy will be working. Message or email me to order a “One Question Reading”, asking “What’s my Mars information?” (this is a paid service)

Now remember, we still have Saturn in its Retrograde cycle until August 18th. So if things don’t fall into place in July, they should in August after Saturn moves forward. I can’t wait!

Also on June 26th a lovely aspect between Jupiter and Pluto has already begun, this provides us with a good opportunity. Try to work on something productive over the next few days, as we still may be blessed by this harmonious connection with some kind of success through the first part of August, but this energy will diminsh after it peaks through June 26th, so we need to make our move soon.

Monday, June 27th can be a wonderful day, when lovely Venus connects to spiritual Neptune. Your muse may show up, but just in case ask for it to come in, let the Universe know you are ready to feel inspired again.

And then the not so fun news, on June 30th, Venus connects to Pluto in a more challenging energy, try not to look for trouble where there isn’t any. It’s very important to heed my warning and not become paranoid or overly suspicious of a partner, spouse or mate. Do not break their trust by digging through their text messages or emails. It’s also best not to accuse anyone of doing something because we’re in this energy, unless of course you have solid proof! You need to keep your cool and be calm or you could end up ruining a good relationship because of the jealousy and or paranoia you might feel!

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