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June 23rd, 2016
Astro News

You may feel a tad bit compulsive today, in some way shape or form. You’ll probably have to work at being balanced, and with the Moon now in Aquarius it may be more difficult to stay grounded. Be careful to let go of any judgment you might hold when talking to others. Communication maybe a bit off today and you may not feel like yourself and neither does anyone else. It looks like the less talking to you do, probably the better. Misunderstandings are in the air today, so don’t say I didn’t warn you! 

With the Moon now in more airy, but mentally sharp Aquarius, we can have a strong emotional need to have our personal freedom and independence! We do well if we keep our minds and intellect busy, we seek out change, and unusual or unconventional situations. This energy is good, particularly mid-day, but don’t forget what I said about misunderstandings above.

Usually the Aquarius Moon helps us remain more peaceful and fair when it comes to connection with others. And thst still will remain the same for some folks, but there’s other stuff going on today that can interrupt our nice even keeled attitudes. There might be a strange vibe coming off people today, simply because on one hand we may feelings very detached but on the other hand we want to be close to only certain people, this can be confusing for those around us, as we can give off mixed signals.
~ Ruby

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