Wednesday Astro News


June 22nd, 2016
Astro News

The Moon continues along in solid, grounding Capricorn… through late this afternoon, when it than enters more breezy Aquarius. If you’re trying to get ahead in your business dealings or personal affairs you should continue working on them now. But the Moon has also sunk into the “Void” of Course cycle, and this means today’s energy can feel like a weight is on us and we can become a bit restless or anxiety ridden.

Today’s energy is almost completely opposite from these last few days. This restlessness has already been in full swing. So if you had a hard time sleeping last night, and are feeling restless and over stimulated now, it’s likely this energy is strongly affecting you! There’s so much nervous energy being put out right now, that we may not know what to do with it! If you’ve got kiddos just know they’re feeling this energy quite strongly too and can’t control their little bodies necessarily. Even some adults won’t know what to do with it. Feeling maybe hyper aware of the world around us, we can better access what we need to make changes and plan big goals

Our focus seems to be strong on any projects we have to do, so plan ahead of course, but just make sure your goals are within reach! Under the Capricorn Moon and Cancer Sun, we must deal with the here and now. Stay aware of the bigger picture when planning out goals, or you can get caught up in the details. For some today’s cosmic influences will give you the extra energy you need to get things done. But for others this energy can drag you down and make you feel sad or depressed. But by this afternoon once the Moon shifts over to futuristic Aquarius you should feel much lighter.

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