Moon in Capricorn


June 21st, 2016
“Moon in Capricorn”

The Moon has shifted from fiery Sagittarius into practical, goal-oriented Capricorn for the next few days…and our attention gets turned towards our responsibilities. We tend to be more serious in this energy, but mainly that’s just because we’re more focused. We enjoy working on problems alone, to think and plan…then we can take care of business, which is our main goal!

Be kind with the Moon in Capricorn, it helps balance your Karma. It’s easier to acknowledge and accept our strengths and weaknesses, this can help us to be more productive. We’re viewing life in a more realistic light, which simply helps us get things done. This is a good time for practical communication, especially with older people or those that are influential. Any kind of construction or building is favored in this energy, and for all you “gem stone” lovers, this energy is great to play with the stones in. Working, selling, or dealing with real estate can go rather well when the Moon is in Capricorn.

Because we’re so focused on our goals, it’s good time to make long-term plans. We can concentrate and take the time needed to get organized, by steadily working towards our goals. Take your time and take breaks often while working…to go over details and not leave mistakes, and wrap up any unfinished business you have. We should be organizing and planning, and not making actual long-term commitments during the Capricorn Moon cycle. Avoid conflict around law officials or courts. Remember to be kind and gentle with your loved ones, especially in intimate relationships. Make sure to keep up with your health and get plenty of rest during the Moon in Capricorn.

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