Neptune Retrograde 16


Astro Alert

If you’re having a hard time thinking logically right now, and you feel somewhat foggy or fuzzy… just know the planet Neptune is going through a huge shift right now. Are you feeling super sensitive to the energies around you? Well read more below to learn probably why and what you can do to maybe feel better.

As if there’s not enough planets already going Retrograde currently, there are now 4 once again! Retrograde planets appear to go backwards in the sky, but really they’re not! But let’s not get into all of that right now. What matters is how Retrograde planets do affect us, if you’ve haven’t already noticed over the last few months.

But this blog is about Neptune, the planet that rules over our spirituality, dreams and illusions. Neptune has slowed down to go into its Retrograde “station.” This happens once a year for about 5 months! So we’ve been through this before, year after year. This is not a huge, big rare event in and of itself! But it does shift the energies from the external world to our internal one.

So we can understand what this planet has to teach on a very intimate, personal level. Planets are stronger when they are Retrograde, especially the time before and after the cycle, which is called “station”. This is when the planet appears to be standing still. So it is the time to pay attention to what this planet is trying to teach us and what we should be developing. And can we feel it! It almost reminds me a of when Mercury Goes Retrograde in some ways. So it may take a few weeks for us to get adjusted to Neptune’s new energy!

During Neptune’s station period we can be much more sensitive and our feelings are stronger than usual. (Attention all Empaths or Sensitive folks, please make sure to take extra care of yourself and your ENERGY during this cycle, SHIELDS UP!) We’re expecially Psychic now, and our intuition is turned up a notch and we seem to be plugged into everything, make sure to take extra time to unplug from others and their energy. Because we can feel things both inside and out now. If we can manage to cut through the fog there are some positive effects of Neptune in Retrograde that you may be interested in knowing. We can be more in touch with our compassionate nature. We also tend to see and feel more, hear and sense more during Neptune in Retrograde. Beauty, music, and experiences are just more profund in this energy.

This is definitely the time to get Spiritual, tune in to your highest-self or into the grandest version of yourself, get in touch with your Soul Purpose, or whatever you call your own inner Divinity! This means we should be literally starting on getting connected to some kind of spiritual practice in our lives daily, this can include getting in touch with others, like doing some sort of service work, or we can connect to nature in some way. Or it can be as simple as working on a more meaningful connection to your spirit and soul, think about also connecting through music and the arts, get in touch with your inner muse.

Whatever your spirit or soul is calling you to connect to or pay attention to during Neptune in Retrograde, just follow what you’re drawn to spiritually speaking. Because if we choose to ignore our hunches, intuitive hits, or visions than we can feel out of touch, disconnected or comfortably numb.

Again for all my naturally intuitive or Psychic folks, you can feel particularly sensitive during this time. It’s important to realize that the folks who are more “vulnerable” will feel the
Neptuian psychic energy can feel overwhelming and draining. Especially ad Neptune starts a tense square with stern Saturn for the rest of the Summer. With that being said it is ill advised to overload yourself even more. Try to avoid negative, depressed energy, stay away from what’s disturbing or posioinous, ignore energy vampires” who are draining if it all possible. Avoid substance abuse or substance all together, such as alcohol and drugs, this can cause you to feel even more vulnerable and makes you more susceptible to negative influences and situations. The important thing to remember during this cycle, is to nurture your Psychic or spiritual self during this time of the year, do not drain, poison or mask your spirit. This is exactly why it’s important to be aware of your boundaries and don’t allow them to get crossed.

The square to Saturn I mentioned already can actually be a good thing, because it makes us more aware of our boundaries and just how important it is to enforce them for our own well-being. But it can also aggravate some of the more negative characteristics of Neptune, things like paranoia, fear, anxiety, disenchantment, disillusion and even despair can be felt more. Loss can be felt more so now than normal, are ideals and dreams. Ah be challenges at this time.

But for now let’s focus on what Neptune Retrograde periods are good for: paying attention to your dreams is important, keep a dream diary, spiritual practices and retreats, yoga and any mind/body work, going to places where like minded people practice spirituality, meditation, visit art museums or any museum, finding practical ways to use compassion, take art classes, music, poetry classes, enjoy movies, photography or the theater, getting in touch with your higher self and honoring it, swimming, boating, or anything to do with or surrounding water, or just being in nature. All of these things are ruled by Neptune and should be explored in one way or another.

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