Weekend Update June 2016


There’s now four planets currently in what’s called Retrograde; Saturn, Mars, Pluto, and now Neptune, which just joined the trio earlier in the week. We’re also in what’s called a “Mutable Grand Cross”, which sounds intimidating in itself, and it is a challenging alignment that can cause lots of changes and frustration. And it’s already proven itself over this last week, and it’s effects might last a few more weeks.

So all of this means that our decision making is difficult now. You probably don’t have the clarity needed under these astrological influences to make any major decisions. If you want to handle thingthing with a level head, it might be best to pause things for a few weeks before forging ahead with any plans or ideas.  On June 17th, Saturn will make an exact Square to spiritual Neptune both in Retrograde! It’s important to NOT believe everything you hear or read, especially online or when the media is involved. There is a lot of deception going on through the weekend. Be careful about meeting people for the first time and thinking you’re in love, illusions are closer then they appear, just like a review mirror. Take your time and get to know the person before assuming everything is perfect.

Venus moves into Cancer today as well. So our Cancer friends are going to be in our hearts, as Venus influences our love life, no matter who the partner is, and our close tight but relationships and friendships and often our money. With Venus in senstive Cancer we can wear our hearts on our sleeves, and feel extremely lovey dovey. But we also can be much more security based with our money on this energy… to the point of insanity! It’s ok to make plans for your financial goals now, but don’t go so overboard with your money that you don’t make room for mistakes and adventures!

This upcoming Full Moon, Monday, June 20th is in Sagittarius. This Full Moon can reveal an ending of some sort in your life and then a new beginning. The Sun will be in Gemini at the same time as the Full Moon and this is a good thing. The Sun will move into Venus later that day and marks the beginning of Summer.

Meanwhile, Mercury is opposing Saturn today as well, so no matter which way you go or turn, there’s probably an obstacle of some sort. So if someone wants a decision out of you, stall or make them wait! If you’re not to sure what this Full Moon will bring you, as far as an ending and new beginning, please order a “One Question Reading” from me! Just message me at healingruby@yahoo.com and ask, “What does the Full Moon mean for me?”

Better news for next week!
There’s a lovely Jupiter/Pluto aspect that happens on June 27th, and it’s easier to make solid decisions later next week into the weekend. Mental Mercury who has a great deal of influence on us, is also in a aspect and can have us feeling quite intuitive, sounds like a great time for a Reading! So things can dramatically change for the better by next weekend. Plus, there’s a lovely Venus/Neptune trine on June 27th. That will be a great day to let your creative juices flow, anything about romance, art or writing should be taking advantage of next weekend. Mars will finally move forward again and out of its Retrograde cycle on the 29th, and we will get our mojo back again, (this one I can’t wait for) …so if you’ve been feeling runned down and as if your motivation is just gone, Mars will help give you that special boost you’ve been needing…once he’s back on track again. But tempers can flair up this week for sure until then, and hostility is in the air. But soon you will be back to take action around the decisions you’ve made days prior.

Final Thoughts
June goes out with a bang when Venus opposes Pluto on the last day of month. You can strengthen a relationship on this day or you can release someone or a situation for once and all. As you can tell June is a very busy month as we feel pushed and pulled on. But as this month winds down some pretty big decisions in your life will be made. Hopefully for the better.

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