New Moon May


Friday – Astro News
by Ruby

The Moon is in Taurus all day, and a New Moon occurs later this afternoon. This is a great day to be around the folks that make you feel safe and secure. Take some time to literally smell the roses today, because this energy is all about pleasing ones senses. Do the kind of things that entice you and that can bring you pleasure, like eating a good meal, soaking in a nice bubble bath, listening to music, or just enjoying a good emotional conversation with a friend. Don’t forget while attending to your own needs you should also be writing out the “Intentions” you would like to set today with this glorious New Moon!

This New Moon is really wonderfully placed for anyone who likes to do New Moon wishing and Intention Setting. Reason being it takes place on a Friday afternoon, which is all the better for getting together with close friends or family to Set your Intentions for the month ahead! But you can “Set Intentions” alone just as well.

This New Moon is taking place in very close proximity to Mercury which is currently in Retrograde, and could assist you in some way, if you’re looking for a second chance of some kind. This New Moon has a whole lot of energy and can help us with transformation in some way, being that it’s so close to powerful Pluto. There’s a strong opportunity here to make some profound changes in your life, but you have to connect to it!

It’s time to make a decision around what you want to see changed about you (not others so much.) so take some action around this vision. One way would be writing what it is you want to see transformed within yourself. Ask for all the lovely wishes and dreams you have, but also ask to see a change for you in some way. We really have all day today, but try and do this work before 9pm CST or 10pm EST, when the Moon goes into a “Void” of Course cycle, which is never a good time to work with energy! It’s just simply not a energetic match with a New Moon.

This New Moon is also aligning with Mercury and Venus, and is forming a harmonious Trine with the North Node (the Moon’s Moons) Pluto, and Neptune! This makes what called a “Kite” formation in Astrology, and the potential they hold is bigger then a “Grand Trine.” So basically that’s some really good stuff! This can bring in many different kinds of golden opportunities to us. I have already seen how it has been playing out in my own life and my clients, as this energy has been building slowly all week. This energy can bring in the good stuff that you’ve been working so hard to obtain, the potential this energy has is simply amazing, I invite any of you who are reading this to at the very least take some time today and write out your future goals or wishes, dreams and visions, because the potential this energy holds is huge!

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