Venus in Taurus


Astro Alert
Venus in Taurus
by Ruby

The lovely planet of Venus has switched gears and moved into content, extremely sensual and often posseive Taurus until May 24th! Security becomes the main theme of our relationships during this time. What we value must last! Our appetite for please in our relationships is strong.

Taurus energy is about being grateful for what we have right now, and using the five senses to enjoy life. We are looking for what feels real at least…we need lots of physical expressions of love and romance now!

We tend to hold on very tightly to what we love under Venus in Taurus. This energy can have us acting excessive and possessive with our partners, and others depending on the situation. As the shadow side to this energy is we can treat our loved ones as if they were objects that we own or want to own.

Venus in Taurus looks financially for solid ground, so in money we are more practical, as we only feel comfortable with long-lasting investments. We hold on to our possessions very strongly now and want to protect or defend what we own. This includes all property like our intellectual property on Social Media as well.

~Ruby #rubysreadings

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