Time of Retrogrades


“Time of Retrogrades”

This is what is being called in Astrology as “a time of Retrogrades,” because there are about to be 5 planets in Retrograde, after Mercury goes Retrograde on the 28th. Therefore it’s important to make adjustments, especially around any overly high expectations you’ve created. Don’t be stubborn and close-minded, and don’t blame everyone around you for misunderstandings. There’s no logic to this energy most of the time, it is confusing and a hot mess even sometimes, and that is no one’s fault…nearly every part of our lives is being affected by a planet in Retrograde right now. This means mistakes are going to happen. So try to be more understanding and forgiving! Remember we all are affected by these energies.

The one planet who is off the hook right now during the “Retrogrades” is Venus, her loveliness rules over love, relationships and often money. Venus has entered a challenging connection to fuzzy Neptune, which really can throw us off in our relationships! The focus should be more on what we need or expect in our relationships. This influence can have us feeling quite amazing, so just make sure that you take those rose-colored glasses off from time to time and see what’s real, or at least understand what you’re seeing might just be an illusion based on what you really want to see.

Our strong desire for instant gratification under this influence can cause some issues around seeing the details, we can easily miss things including red flags in relationships or around money endeavors. Impulsive as we might feel, we should make the effort not to purchase anything important, or to commit to a new relationship…at least until the fog has sort of lifted! Be a little or a lot more cautious than usual, especially with your word, agreements or commitments, and dream away instead. Use this powerful energy to visualize what you want in your life! Keep your head in the clouds but don’t float down here and do anything silly or permenant just yet, give it a day or so! ~Ruby

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