Astro News – Wednesday 20th


Astro News
Wednesday – April 20th
by Ruby

The Moon remains in the balancing act of the Zodiac, Libra all day! So our focus should be on keeping our relationships balanced, and being peaceful with others. But the way this energy works isn’t always so easy going! In fact, there can be some serious arguments as a direct result, but these disagreements are a learning experience, aren’t they, nevertheless.

The Moon is getting bright now and will be completely Full soon. It’s time to make sudden but necessary changes to our plans if need be. Energy anyone? Do you have any? If not, find a way to get some and Don’t Give Up! Keep those fears and negative thoughts at bay, and don’t let them keep you from your plans. It’s time to achieve the goals you’ve envisioned. Keep your mind open and stay flexible no matter what lessons might show up today!

There’s some tense energy between the Sun and Saturn today, this can make you feel blocked and off with certain folks. You may feel like you’re dragged down or in a funk today, and everyone seems to have lost their sense of humor. Boredom can set in when performing normal daily routines, or put in similar circumstances with familiar faces. Don’t allow this influence to make you feel discouraged, it’s just a waste of time and energy. Many of you will look for ways to satisfy your strong need for some excitement. Perhaps by hanging out with new people and in different situations, this influence actually can motivate you and make you feel like getting things done and taking care of business.

Stay focused on your future goals and plans, because you may easily become side tracked. You can feel quite fearless in this energy anyway! Get out and do something fun that stimulates your senses! With so many planets in Retrograde right now most of us are in deep thought, around how to transform something deep within ourselves. The Universe is sending out messages that show you exactly what part of your life you should be working on, just by making some simple changes, be it personal or business. Now is the time! The Moon symbolizes our great light within, and is lighting up the way to meet our full potential! ~Ruby

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