Pluto Retrograde 2016


Astro Alert by Ruby
“Pluto Retrograde”

It’s a really strange and unusual time as the Cosmos is slowing way way down!! There are going to be 5 planets total either starting or are in Retrograde this month. All the Aries energy has been pushing us to start new endeavors, but by the 25th of April we really should think very seriously before starting anything brand-new, when Mercury the planet that governs how we express ourselves also goes into Retrograde! This is more a time to focus on deep exploration of the soul, and to create hopefully some kind of positive transformation.

I’ve already covered how Saturn and Mars Retrogrades will affect us this month in seperate blogs. So now it’s time to check out what Pluto in Retrograde is all about.


This aspect is really pretty intense compared to the other Retrogrades that are starting this month. Pluto Retro takes you into the subconscious mind and can bring you great insight. You’ll be able to explore the depths of your soul during this cycle, and hopefully uncover some truths you didn’t know exsisted. This cycle also helps uncover or bring forth other people’s true motives, including your own. We get to see people for what they truly are, not what you wished they would be.

Pluto is about endings, the death of something, or the end of a chapter, and regenerations or rebirth. During Pluto Retrograde the power of regeneration is greater than any other time. This is a period when many folks will overcome illness and challenging situations. Depending on just where Pluto is transiting in your own chart, you might experience a deep emotional and psychological or even physical healing of some kind. This energy is a purge, and you probably willp feel pushed to release what’s old or outdated.

When Pluto goes Retrograde it can feel like a complete internal deep house cleansing of your Soul. So this is a good time to do some serious soul-searching, and come to a understanding around what it is you truly need from yourself, life, and others. Pay attention to what is happening in your life and what seems to be repeating. So look for old issues to pop up, (ya know the ones that remind you of your past) ones that feel the same as old issues emotionally. Then it’s time to reclaim your personal power and this can be challenging. But if you put the time into doing the work around solving, forgiving and healing these issues, Pluto will work with you. It’s a good time to detox your body, so through diet, spiritual healing or energy healing of some kind. By the way that includes Psychic Readings or Astrological Reports. All these things help us heal our soul.

Pluto Retrograde is probably the most profound of all the planetary transits over this next few months. It provides you with an opportunity to make a totally transformation from being one way to another. Think of this energy as more Psychological, this process can shake you down and make you feel like your breaking down, especially since you may feel like you have lost your stability in some way during this time. It’s imparitive to learn how to trust the Universe during this period, you must be in your power and stay in control and try not to lose your cool!

Because Pluto in Capricorn forms a challenging aspect to those with their Sun Sign in Aries, Cancer, Libra and of course Capricorn, these signs will be most affected. But we all have Pluto in our Astro “Birth” Chart somewhere and now in Retrograde, so we all have to deal with this energy in one way or another.

The strongest energy will be felt more intensely on April 18th, and then again on September 25th and 26th. But it’s the time in between those dates you should be doing some important healing work. It is believed that once you start this internal process, you’ll reap the rewards once Pluto moves forward.

If you’re curious how Pluto Retrograde will affect you personally, you may *purchase* a “One Question” Reading and ask “How will Pluto Retrograde affect me?” I will do the research and help you understand just what part of your life this rare event will help you make huge transformations in!



Thanks again Ruby…. 🙂 gosh here’s to getting through the next little while… hmmm challenging maybe, but it sounds as though there is a lot of potential for growth here… we just gotta hang on, listen, be aware, and be ready to make changes… 🙂

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