You Are Divine!


Monday – Astro News
by Ruby

Today, the planets Mercury and Neptune are moving towards a connection together. So this is a fantastic time to connect to the Divine! Meaning your higher-self, higher-power, the Universe, or the God of your understanding! Because did you know you’re part of that energy? Every spiritual teacher worth listening to shares that message. We are an extension of that energy, we are all God’s and Goddesses!

Perhaps the biggest challenge for us human beings is to remember what our soul already understands, which is our own divinity! And that means we get to live the life we want, and create it in such a way that feels good within our own Souls.

How do you connect to the Divine energy I speak of? It’s simple, Mediate!! Close your eyes and breathe! Relax, don’t try, just simply be. Are you thinking this sounds like a bunch of hooey! Well have you actually tried it? Now close your eyes and practice and don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. ~Ruby #rubysreadings


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