Mars Retrograde 2016

“Mars Retrograde 2016”



The Mars Retrograde Cycle starts April 17th and runs through June 29th. This energy is an opportunity for you to find success and healing in some area of your life. But for some folks this still can be a pretty rocky time. Especially with Saturn and Jupiter already in Retrograde, and Pluto and Mercury also going into Retrograde in late April! This certainly can be a different kind of energy that we’ve really never dealt with before…with so many planets in Retrograde at once! Retrogrades lessons definitely can be a leaning experience for all of us.

I’ve already wrote a blog about Saturn in Retrograde and how it truly impacts all of us, so head over to:
to learn all about how this cycle is affecting you and will through August 13th! And I will be writing a seperate blog for each planet’s Retrograde cycle, so keep reading to learn more about the upcoming Retrograde cycles. Check out my Notes or head over to my blog at to read more.

But this blog is about Mars in Retrograde:

Mars Retrograde in your personal Astrology “Birth Chart,” causes situations that often demand for you to stick up for yourself. Mars in your chart shows you just what area of you life you are most driven in, where you have stamina and motivation. Due to the fact that Mars is in different parts of each of our charts, it could affect any part of your life from your work zone, love life or around your children. It also shows you what is most sexy or passionate to you, so what turns you on sexually!

When Mars is direct and moving the right way and/or is in more harmonious aspects with the other planets, it gives you the motivation you need. But when Mars is Retrograde or is in challenging aspects, it can cause you to feel frustrated or challenged in some way. This can leave you feeling vulnerable and even victimized. Mars in Retrograde can show you just what part of your life it’s affecting, as it brings up repeated situations, so you’ll make changes to fix them. Then the lessons won’t continue, because then you’ve healed some part of yourself.

Mars is in Sagittarius during this Retrograde cycle and begins doing the backstroke on April 17th, so all you Saggitarius folks will feel it’s affects the strongest. But this aspect affects each and every one of us in some way, because we all have Sagittarius in our Astro. “Birth Charts”. Mars in Retrograde can cause you to make sudden, quick, and irrational decisions that you’ll regret later. For example you could have it out with a partner and suddenly out of anger, break it off, or get mad at a co-worker and quit your job. Only later to discover you regret your decision and may not be able to get your partner back, or get that same position at your job back. In other words don’t do something you’ll regret later. Try to think before Reacting!

Mars side affects are always quick and often rash, it is nicknamed “THE PLANET OF WAR,” for a reason… once it’s influence has you angry you can explode like a firecracker and BOOM! Then it’s too late to turn back whatever chaos you caused. The key to making it though this Retro. period without losing your temper or cool, is to learn what areas of your life Mars Retrograde will be influencing, so you can be proactive and keep things calmer in that department and remain aware of this energy, and then hopefully you can heal something instead.

DO NOT START ANY ARGUMENTS NOW! (unless you’re being victimized or abused by someone and need to break free) this energy certainly at one point will give you the courage to finally leave a situation, if it’s been bad or unhealthy for you. Otherwise, any battles or power struggles that you start during Mars in Retrograde will probably lead you to defeat. These battles really can’t be won, and there is never any winners in a war! So remain aware and stop yourself from acting on impulse and from making any sudden moves, without thinking about your consequences first. Make no rash actions from April 17th thru June 29th. This energy can lead you to arguments that can frankly be embarrassing, and also may cause loss in some way.

It’s best to find out what area exactly Mars is in, in your own personal Astro “Birth Chart”, then you can work on keeping that part of your life positive, by being more focused on keeping the peace and work on making it better. No matter what part of your life this Mars in Retrograde cycle affects, one great way to keep yourself together is too practice regular exercise, (this includes lots of sex, like we needed an excuse), funny as that might sound, any physical exercise or movement will help you burn off that extra energy, so you can keep yourself peaceful and leveled, it also balances out your hormones and can help you keep your cool and remain more calm.

If you start to notice funny pains in your body, especially your back (without any other major injury), this is usually a good indication that there’s some repressed anger you’re still holding onto, and often this runs deep emotionally for us. You may not even be aware of it. But that’s why your body is experiencing pain, it is trying to tell you that something emotionally isn’t ok! You just simply need to find positive ways to release this energy, again perhaps through exercise, or energy work of some kind like Reiki or Massage, which can also be quite helpful.

Here’s a little more information.

During the Mars in Retrograde cycle be sure to think things through before taking any actions. There might be situations or events that bring up and out some kind of problem, these problems have usually been ignored or simply not dealt with. It’s important to pay attention if this happens, so if you feel angry, frustrated, or pushed… that you don’t overreact! Certainly, stand up for yourself if need be, but do not start a battle unless it’s absolutely necessary. Take some deep breathes and work on controlling your anger, hopefully by the time Mars is direct again in late June you might come to terms with these problems and have made some positive changes.

When planets go Retrograde the Universe gets up close and personal with you around the area of your life that planet is transiting. So it pulls you through certain lessons to better understand its messages. You are getting a second chance to experience that lesson during this Mars Retrograde cycle, and perhaps through different people and situations. But this is to help fix something once and for all. So this can seriously help heal some part of your soul. Once you’ve made the changes you’re supposed to, that issue is fixed, and you’ll no longer experience the lesson. And this helps you move forward again.

The biggest obstacle that Mars in Retrograde can bring to you, is how it’s influence causes feelings of frustration and anger. Which means you can make rash decisions and take impulsive actions. It’s important to slow down during this period and not to make any important decisions while you’re angry.

I’m sure I will be hearing from many of my clients during this Retrograde time, and they will be on the edge and upset, and perhaps talking about getting a divorce or quitting a job. But Wait! SLOW DOWN! It can get CRAZY when Mars energy is influencing you in this way. Meditate, and ask yourself, “what’s my lesson about this situation?” “What can I learn from this situation?” Even if you have to scream out loud at first, then you might start to feel it and ask the Universe or you’re higher-self exactly what’s going on. Answers always come soon after we feel like we’ve broke down.

~One point past I quit, is always Breakthrough!

Wherever Mars in Retrograde is in your personal Astro “Birth Chart” is the area of your life that will not move quickly for the next several months. There’s absolutely no sense in pushing these issues, but there’s probably a bigger reason to be paying attention to this area of your life. Stop and smell the roses. Because that is where you can make the biggest changes that hopefully lead you to something better once this Retrograde cycle is complete.

If you don’t know where or how Mars will affect you during this Retrograde cycle, you can simply *Purchase* a “One Question” Reading and ask me, “How will Mars Retrograde affect me?” and I will do the research and look at your chart, and tell you where you need to keep calm and can expect things to slow down. I will also discuss exactly what part of you life you should not be jumping to conclusions in. Hopefully this can help you avoid mistakes and mishaps, and you can learn something and heal.
~Ruby #rubysreadings


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Brilliant, thank you. There is a hge battle between negative and positive energies going on in me right now.


thanks so much Ruby, will share on SGC… lots of fabulous advice in here… hope the Mars Retrograde is good to you… 🙂


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Yep. It is a big deal. Happens every two years, but it is a major “reorganizer.”


Does this affect an Aries more since this is our ruling planet?


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