Mercury in Taurus


Mercury in Taurus
A mental slowdown

Mercury the planet that rules our minds, the way we think, talk, and how we express ourselves is shifting into the sign of The Bull, Taurus, today! Where it will stay through June 12th due to Mercury’s upcoming Retrograde cycle. Mercury in Taurus helps us stay more grounded, our way of thinking is more slowed down, we can be more down to earth and practical.

It’s easier to use some good old fashioned common sense now, as we tend to be more realistic with Mercury in Taurus. Multi-tasking isn’t preferred with this influence, it’s more about sticking to one task at a time. We would rather be around what’s familiar, and use what’s worked for us before. So our thinking isn’t around bringing in what’s new so much, it’s more about what’s really happening in the here and now.

But we also can be very direct and communicate more deliberately or in a manner that is “in your face”, but with raw emotion. This can either be an amazing experience where we learn just how people love and care for us, or it can be rough at times, especially if we should become emotional or upset, than the gloves are off and we can not only speak our truth, but we will back it up with opinions that make perfect sense to us at the time! This can cause hurt feelings. Our thoughts can be more narrow, conservative and harsh if we are challenged.

Taurus is led by whatever pleases the senses, so with Mercury in this sign we will want to be near the things that please and comfort us. We can be drawn to what feels good or what brings us pleasure more so than usual! Hmmm lol.
~Ruby #rubysreadings


SGC Admin: Thanks Ruby… 🙂 yep it could be challenging for some folk who prefer quick thinking and quick action…


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