Love on Fire!


Astro Update
by Ruby
“Love On Fire”

The radiant Sun and the authority Saturn, connect in a harmonious trine today. This can help calm some of the nervous energy we’ve been under, and keep us more grounded and stable. We can concentrate better than usual, so it’s easy to stick to a specific task and make headway. Our productivity may be slowed down, but is steady. Our common sense is strong and we feel good about taking care of our responsibilities and obligations.

Our passions and love life get lite on fire today when loving Venus enters fiery Aries, and stays there through April 29th. It’s exciting to chase the object of our affection under this fiery influence. We are much more bold when it comes to matters of the heart, and a little impatient with all the shifts happening in the cosmos right now. We can feel extremely temperamental in our relationships and around our finances as well. So even if you’re just in a pleasure-seeking relationship, impatience can become an issue.

This energy isn’t helping us to be apologetic or mushy, we are thinking forward and not dwelling so much on sentiments or what happened in the past. It’s a new day! And it’s time to work on the here and now. Our desires can be strong, and we can be loud, spontaneous, enthusiastic and quite direct.

With Mars also about to go Retrograde in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, the “Cosmic Lovers” starting today are on fire together! This heats up any loving or intimidate relationship in some way! For some of us this means we will be extremely attracted to those we want to be with or just hang out with… if you catch my drift.

Venus in Aries and Mars in Sagittarius energy draws people together, so this means a very passionate, sexy energy is coming into play for quite awhile. I will have a blog on this topic posted soon.
~Ruby #rubysreadings

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