Saturn Retrograde – Life in Review


Saturn Retrograde

Life in Review

by Ruby

March 25th through August 13th

Saturn has already started to slow down as it goes into its Retrograde cycle, and this energy is always affecting the area of your life that Saturn is currently transiting, in your own Astro Birth Chart. Saturn wants you to play by the rules, and take some time to review these areas of your life, so you can implement new strategies that will help you improve and advance in those parts of your life.

Saturn is known as the “Teacher” of the Zodiac, so he often brings hard tests and challenges, but he also will reward you for your hard work. This aspect teaches you how to take on your responsibilities in life, and about your limitations. Saturn also rules our work and careers, but just how it will affect us will depend on where’s he’s currently transiting in your chart. So whatever area Saturn is in your chart right now will be where you should be paying the most attention to over these next five months of this Retrograde phase. Saturn Retrograde cycles can be rough and hard to function in. You might worry more than usual and feel insecure, so it can prove difficult when making decisions.

When Saturn’s in Retrograde we tend to agree to things we normally wouldn’t, and we might do things we shouldn’t. Saturn in Retrograde will be Squaring Neptune in Pisces from June 5th thru June 18th. It’s important to try and remember these dates and add them to your calendar even. Do Not Agree to anything during this time, don’t make any big decisions, it could end up being a huge mistake that you pay the price for later. Because there’s probably something you’re not aware of about it and with foggy Neptune involved we’re not going to be seeing clearly anyway.

Saturn Retrograde Tips

Starting now through August 13th, you should be reviewing your life and commitments and or any projects you’ve already started. It’s important to review for example you work or business, or even your relationships during this cycle… if you want to move forward.

Saturn in Retrograde will affect all of us a little differently, depending on where it falls in your personal Astro Birth Chart. For example if it’s transiting your 7th House it’s time to review your relationships, and give more attention to your partner. And discuss what your expectations are with your business partners too. This also can apply to a marriage or just someone you live with.

It’s time to go over your relationships with a fine tooth comb and see what if any problems you have, so you can work together with your partners on them now, before any major upsets happen. Then you’ll be able to move forward together or apart, whatever the case maybe.

Saturn is not ok with us taking shortcuts, because he wants us to create a solid foundation. This Saturn Retrograde cycle is your opportunity to make sure everything’s is secure and solid in whatever area of your Astro Birth Chart it’s ruling over.

If you’ve made any major commitments recently Saturn in Retrograde can help you back out of them. It also can help you see if certain opportunities aren’t such a good idea. And it’s not a good idea to take on any new commitments during this cycle anyway. There’s probably going to be certain situations that bring out some seriously frustrating energy, at least in one area of your life. This is Saturn’s way of showing you what area of your life needs to be changed. Then you can get rid of the problems that may frustrate you. So don’t fight this energy!

Saturn rules our work and career zones, so it’s not particularly a good time to start a new career or business under its Retrograde cycle. It just can be more difficult to get these things off the ground. But you can’t just stop your life either! At least you are aware of this astrological challenge and that may help you work around it’s tests or at least help you understand them better.

Starting today you should take the time to review the parts of your life that just don’t seem to be working out or that are becoming frustrating, or challenging. Just look for any issues that are up in your face right now. It’s a good time to learn what improvements need to be made so you can create a solid foundation for your future. The Universe will present you with signs, messages, symbols and even frustrations to help you focus on what area of your life you should be reviewing.

Keep your mind and heart open during this cycle and be willing to listen. Accept that changes are going to have to be made. Saturn is your teacher and guide! He always rewards us if we work hard. So by August and after, if you’ve done your work during this Saturn Retrograde phase you’ll receive some serious kuddos and Gold Stars for a job well done.

Purchase a “One Question Reading” with me and ask what area of your own Astro Birth Chart Saturn is affecting during its Retrograde cycle. I will do the research and send it to your email. You can message me here on Facebook or email me at for further instructions.

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