Spring Equinox


“Spring Equinox”
March 20th, 2016
“Get Inspired”

The Sun shifts into Aries today and starts the “Spring Equinox” (Vernal Equinox), which is first day of the Astrological New Year. There’s great things on the horizon with such empowering energy helping us along into this new Zodiac cycle. This is the time of new beginnings, as the light of the Sun slowly takes over the dark. The Spring Equinox is when the Suns time here slowly grows through the Summer Solstice. We get to live our lives more outwardly again, as we crawl back out to the land of the living and get outdoors again from winter.

Spring is a season of growth and rejuvenation, and this new Astrological New Year is urging you to explore new directions now. This time of year many folks around the world celebrate the Spring Equinox with all kinds of interesting old traditions and festivities, that honor the Goddess of Renewal of Spring, along with the Earth’s ability to regenerate itself once again. This season is obviously very important for many different reasons. It’s a time of awakenings, beginnings, and positive energy chasing the dark away.

Many folks also celebrate this season with religious or spiritual celebrations, but it all stems from the fact that this is first and foremost a major “Astrological Event.” This event is about the Sun’s light expanding, as it moves from the deeply sensitive waters of feeling Pisces and into more action packed, motivated, and fiery Aries! This light now represents the promise of a greater more warm, life changing energy coming in.

If you’ve been having a rough go of it since Winter began… with all the wild Astrological Events affecting us and just running amuck in general, consider this event to be just like a calendar New Year! In fact, it’s much stronger in energy because it is a Equinox. Be inspired and in the knowing that this is a new time, a renewed energy that’s coming in to take over the shadowy winter time energy.

May the Sun’s warmth and Spring’s Energy bring about new beginnings for you that lead to your deepest dreams and desires coming true.

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