Astrology Weekly Update


Astrology Weekly Update
By Ruby

We had a pretty rough beginning to the week, and with seriously scattered and nervous energy all over us, which caused some communication issues. But by Wednesday there’s been a more kind, softer side to the energies with lovely Jupiter Trining powerful Pluto. But the Cancer Moon is sure making people feel emotional! Wow, lots of clients got ahold of me today explaining they couldn’t quit crying for one reason or another.

The Sun is almost done in Pisces and will be moving into Aries soon. Which means Spring is almost here! Hooray! This shift gives us renewed hope for the future, it helps us start new projects and close deals we’ve already been working on. This Sunday you can start taking a step in the right direction. There’s been some  amazing positive energy coming in mid-week, and this transit is considered rare…it’s the Jupiter/Pluto aspect…and it can help us conquer just about anything we set our minds to. This energy helps us move past the frustration and challenges other people might try to impose on us. This shift is definitely going to change things up!

It’s time to start thinking about what you’d like to manifest for the next several months as the Spring Equinox is just a few days away. The time between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Equinox is a time to plant seeds of intention. As we take actions around the situations we’ve put our attention into, this energy will grow by the Summer, just like the seeds in our garden. Over the Summer we harvest and reap what energy we’ve manifested, and by Fall this process will come to a close, but we will certainly see some evidence of the energies we have put our attention into. So it’s a very important time to get clear about what it is you want for the rest of this year; be it a new job, house, or a car. Or a new relationship or to just be able to go it alone for awhile. The Universe is listening and is ready to take things to the next level for you, so get into “Setting Intentions” daily if at all possible and reap the rewards this energy can bring you.

I know many of you are keeping up with my blogs and I just want to say “Thank you” so much for Reading. I’ve been writing a lot about March’s Eclipses, and we are getting closer to the Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd in Libra. This energy will bring lots of folks together in partnerships and relationships, but also can cause unions to end. The energy of the Lunar Eclipse is like a Full Moon magnified times three, so the intensity will be quite potent and strong. It’s a good time to keep focused on what you want or don’t want in your close partnerships and relationships. Because if you don’t pay attention to this energy, any issues you might have will crop up and be right in your face.

For those of you who call yourselves “Empaths” or “Sensitives”, this is a very emotionally draining time. You might be not only picking up on the vibrations of others around you, but also of those around the world too. So again “Shields Up” as they say, make sure and take this time to rest and meditate, and be good to yourself. And don’t allow others to use your energy up.

This Lunar Eclipse is one big healing intensive and no matter who you are or what you’re working toward, this Lunar Eclipse can help shed some light on your relationships. You might start to rethink exactly what you’re giving in your relationships, and if it’s what you’re getting back. Remember this can be in either your relationships or friendships.

The Universe is sending out lots of signs and messages into this next week, and as the energy builds towards the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse these messages can get awful strong. So if you see something unusual, or have a strange dream about someone or see something in a movie, or if you hear a message in a Song…and you think that’s about a certain situation or that is someone I know…then you’re probably correct. Don’t second guess your intuition if you feel it, what you’re seeing is simply what you feel it is! This is a powerful energy when the “Truth” comes out, the light of the Full Moon makes for a very revealing time. But this can be a helpful and healing energy we need.

Each and every one of us will experience someone different as the Eclipse falls into specific areas of our own personal Astro” “Birth” Charts. If you don’t know how to look up your own information, you can purchase a “One Question” Reading from me and I will get that information for you. Just message me “How will the Lunar Eclipse affect my life?” and I will get right on it. Have a beautiful week. ~Ruby

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