Wading Through Wonderland


Wading Through Wonderland  
by Ruby

There’s been so much strong energy shifting around over the last few days, that’s ruled by mental Mercury, that you might feel like your mind is overloaded and a little fried. But do remember we are still down the “Rabbit Hole” on our journey through “Eclipse Season” as we are approaching a magnificent Full Moon-Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd, and there’s still plenty of planets and aspects in watery Pisces making everything feel fuzzy and dream-like. This can have us feeling a bit “Mad”, and by mad I mean feeling like you’re losing your mind! But really in all this Pisces energy that’s exactly what we are supposed to be doing…and that looks like being out of your head and ego, or logical way of thinking. Believing that you can have what you want only works when you FEEL what it’s like to have your dreams. Now is the time to get out of your head and into your heart!

As we journey through this strange, more illusive energy or “Wonderland” as I’ve been calling it…we now meetup with Chesire the Cat. In the story he explains to Alice how we’re all a little Mad here. She then asks, how he knows she’s mad too? His reply is simply, you’re here with us now, aren’t you? We are all “Mad” in this world of course too…because we are led by our minds. But just like Alice we are in a new and strange world via “Eclipse Season” that is totally illogical and full of nonsense right now or Wonderland. Like Alice we too have guides trying to show us often through riddles how we should go about our lives, just like Cheshire the Cat. But so often we don’t see these signs or understand or which way we should be headed, that’s because we are listening with our head, not feeling through our hearts!

This energy is about allowing yourself to get our of your head to follow your gut instincts, while listening to your intuition. The Universe is walking us through this illogical energy so we can manifest and heal what it is we truly want, by feeling it within our own soul. Then we can meet our goals and make our lives hopefully a little better. Again, this energy is about believing you can have what you want first, before going after our goals.

Over the next few days we should focus on paying attention to our thoughts, by keeping them optimistic! And check yourself for negative thinking and speech. When you do choose to express yourself, say things as if you truly believe they will happen. Get out of that logical way of thinking and your Ego, and create some magic. Let your confidence shine through when communicating, be it written or spoken. And if you still feel off or like things aren’t making sense, and maybe even a little “Mad”, then perhaps you need to work even harder at letting go of your thoughts and close your eyes, go into your heart and feel your way through this energy.  ~Ruby #rubysreadings

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