Astro Weekend Update – (Eclipses)


Astrology Weekend Alert
by Ruby

The Moon remains in earthy Taurus through this afternoon, and this has helped us to stay grounded since we’re still coming down from that extremely intense Solar Eclipse in Pisces energy. As a matter of fact there’s a whole bunch of planets and aspects currently in Pisces. And Pisces is a water sign, and water represents emotions, which is why many folks are dealing with lots of emotional issues. All this Piscesan energy has certainly affected the weather patterns, and we will probably see more heavy rains and flooding throughout the world.

The Solar Eclipse is connected to experiences and emotional issues we may have felt (or not), back in 1997. Eclipses repeat every 19 years, so if you were old enough to recall what issues you might have had or what situations occurred, this energy can really help you see what might be making you feel the same emotions now, just through different experiences and people. These feelings have come full circle and should be healed.

Looking back to 1997 we lost two very influential woman, Princess Diana and Mother Teresa. This Eclipse Season so far we’ve lost former First Lady Nancy Regan. This is just an example of how Eclipses bring about powerful endings, but also New Beginnings!

Let’s talk about all the Gemini Sun-Sign folks, they’re are having a real rough go of it during Eclipse Season. Due to hardcore Saturn opposing there sign right now! Saturn is challenging to say the least and it doesn’t tend to care much about your feelings. Saturn is being relentless in his teachings with nervous Gemini, and as this sign is prone to nervous meltdowns anyway, many of them are doing just that, breaking down in their personal or professional life. Just know Gemini you haven’t lost your mind and you aren’t alone. This too shall pass.

Saturns opposition to Gemini is also affecting the Presidental nominees quite badly right now, as many of them are Gemini Suns. And what a mess it’s all become on both sides. Often this aspect tests relationships and breaks them down to teach it’s lessons. So if you know any Gemini folks, be kind to them…as this isn’t easy energy they’re in.

Now is the time to stay focused, even though it’s not easy with so many boundaries and barriers broken down or non-existent. But let’s look to the next Eclipse on March 23rd, in Libra. Libra is a Air Sign, and Air represents the mind and mental activity. This keeps us thinking, plotting, planning, and for some manipulating a week prior to the Full Moon comes exact. Libra rules over our partnerships and relationships of all kinds. There’s going to be a whole lot of folks falling in love and also starting new business partnerships under this influence. We could even see a record number of engagements with this Eclipse energy, all the way through the Fall and even into the year after Jupiter moves into Libra.

Eclipses tend to wipe the slate clean and take things away from us, like situations, jobs and even people. This clears the energy for something better to come into our lives. Many of my clients over the last few weeks have either lost or changed their jobs, or were involved in some sort of major break up with friends or lovers. If you happen to be involved in something like this, try to look past your pain at the whole picture, and try to understand the Universe is clearing the energy around you, so better jobs and relationships can show up. Now not eveyone will experience major relationship issues, simply because the Eclipse doesn’t fall in the same exact spot in your Personal Astrology “Birth Chart.” If you’re not sure what area of your life this Lunar Eclipse will affect, please give me a buzz to purchase a “One Question Reading” and “Eclipse” Report. This will tell you what part of your chart is being affected and in what way, along with some other important info that can be very helpful during this time.

Just know that the upcoming Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd is going to be intense, and can cause us to feel quite emotional, again. A Full Moon is actually what’s called a opposition between the Sun and the Moon, this is tense energy that can be very challenging. Due to this particular one also being a Lunar Eclipse, we’re going to feel this energy probably at least a week ahead as it builds up in intensity. It’s important that we are flexible and patient with others, especially those that are not spiritually or astrologically aware, the may not understand the energies that are influencing us. Use this time between the Eclipses to release things you no longer need, that can be things, situations and people. It’s a great time to detox your body.

And finally many of you have been experiencing very vivid dreams, and will continue to throughout Eclipse Season. Some of these dreams may involve people who you haven’t seen in a very long time, or loved ones that have crossed over. This is all that Piscesan energy, as Pisces rules our dreams and the subconscious. There are messages in these dreams with signs and symbols throughout them. So be sure to write them down so you can interpret them later. Stay safe and for now just go with the energies. ~Ruby #rubysreadings


Very beautiful photo. These a symbol of love. When there is love, there is peace and harmony.
So very lovely Ruby! Your name is my birth stone sign. Nice and kind.


You are picturing my life, you are talking of my energies, my birthday is March 23rd, but all is well, and all shall be well.

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