“Eclipse Season Continued”


“Eclipse Season Continued”

If you are already noticing some interesting feelings washing over you or if you’re getting some kind of new information, that’s because changes are coming now…and you are experiencing the Eclipse energy!

This Eclipse Season influence gives you a chance to heal old emotional wounds, you can now rewrite your story and set new goals for the future. (whatever happened to you back in 1997 will come full circle now, you get an opportunity to reconnect with that energy and release it. No matter what age you were.)

These Eclipses have major healing energy, because the Wounded Healer Chiron is in a close aspect to the Moon. So if you’re willing to do some spiritual work with the Cosmos between now and the next Eclipse on March 23rd, (Lunar Eclipse) you can release old wounds and heal. We often carry around old pains, wounds, hurts and thoughts, completely unaware of the damage they can cause. This can also make us act defensive and follow old learned habits and patterns unintentionally, this build walls and prevents us from reaching our full potential.

The energy of the Eclipses this month gives us a chance to break those barriers. Call up your favorite healer and get some energy work done or purchase a Reading with me this week. Or you can of course do it on your own, and now is a great time to do something that detoxifies your body and your spirit. Learn Affirmations and do the work that helps you release what’s needed daily! The Universe is right there with you to help now. If you need help with affirmations let me know I have all kinds of different ones and charge a small fee to share them, and if you purchase a Reading I will be glad to give you some affirmations.

Eclipse Tip:
Beginning now say a Cleansing blessing, prayer, or affirmation daily all the way through the next Eclipse on March 23rd, say it and feel it… at the very least once a day. You will feel a shift by then if you do the WORK and will be on your way hopefully to something good and in a place of being able to better yourself. ~Ruby #rubysreadings

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