New Moon/Solar Eclipse 16



There’s a powerful New Moon/Solar Eclipse in 19 degrees of Pisces on March 8th, 2016 at 7:54pm CST. This energy is very potent due to it being a Solar Eclipse, with both the Moon and the Sun currently in healing, sensitive Pisces, along with two other major planets…that would make four planets in Pisces currently, so we really should become more focused on our spirit in this healing energy.

Things like our imagination, service, dreams, ideals and compassion will be very strong. An Eclipse is always about strong endings and New Beginnings, and this Eclipse is about taking a leap of faith. We have the opportunity to learn more about our beliefs and how to accept our imperfections. Our imagination and intuition are extremely strong, as we enter an energy filled with dreams (both night and day.)

This is a good time to learn how to accept others and their imperfections. We can learn through this energy how to be compassionate with ourselves and others, both. This helps us work on our own personal beliefs. So take a leap of faith and believe in something higher than yourself, even if it’s just a higher version of yourself… which is called your higher-self.

Get creative by using your imagination in one way or another. Think about how others might feel, let go of any judgments or annoyances you may have with others by being in a space of acceptance. With all this Pisces energy it’s a great time to use your imagination, these experiences can revitalize you. Learn how to show compassion to yourself by simply taking a break from your normal routines and doing something just for you. Also find a way to be of service to others and share a dream. This is a great time for all of us to pay attention to our spirituality and learn how to connect to the Universe through our hearts.

During a Eclipse issues get brought up to fix, as each of us will experience this Energy in a different area of our lives, depending on where Pisces falls in your own personal Astrology “Birth Chart.” Pay attention to your dreams right now, we can have amazing visions or insights that just come randomly out of the sky, and this information can be very important. If you’re feeling uninspired in this Energy then get creative. Pisces radiates an extraordinary amount of emotions so we’re all going to be a little more sensitive than usual. Especially with four total Planets dipping us into this watery relam. This is all about healing ourselves in some way.

Remember imperfections to a Pisces are beautiful, so you should look for the beauty within others. This New Moon is on the axis of Pisces and Virgo, so this can bring issues up around our health, or in our work, which usually has something to do with being of service to others. Situations that test our faith, or bring out our fears and doubts can certainly become an issue under this Energy, so we need to learn how to set boundaries when it comes to being of service to others.

Also if you are an Empath or sensitive as it’s commonly called nowadays, you should know we’re plugged into everything around us, because the veils between the physical world and spiritual realms have dissolved, in a very extreme way! As these boundaries come down, we must make sure to “shield” ourselves spiritually, emotionally and physically. We become very vulnerable in this energy. It’s very easy for those of us with an empathic nature to pickup on others issues and emotions, as we struggle to differentiate between whose feelings are whose.

Over the next 3 – 6 months situations might develop that call you to change an entire area of your life…for example going into a new line of work that better suits you. You may also discover that you need to take better care of yourself and get more rest and relaxation, while giving your spirit more attention. Whatever effects the Solar Eclipse seems to have on your life are likely to occur over the next 6 months. This doesn’t mean that everyone will feel the effects of the Eclipses in the same manner or with the same intensity. It really just depends on how the Eclipse falls in your own Astrological “Birth Chart.”

If you’re not too sure how the Eclipse is affecting you, you can always order aOne Question/Solar Eclipse” Reading with me (this does cost and is not free) and I will send you that information, and this will cover both the Solar and Lunar Eclipses this month. Message me for details.


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In my experience Pisces is not so healing -at least if it is its not too apparent -too many Pisces I’ve know have been victims and victimisers – there’s a nasty dark twist to this energy and you do no service to leave that out -the fishes are in conflict -they are swimming in opposite directions for a reason.


    That’s your experience not everyone else’s and you’re forgetting one important piece to this, and that is a “New Moon” is when the Sun and the Moon meetup Harmoniously, not Tense. So we will experience the more positive side of this sign and it’s influence! So I purposely left out that negative twist because it’s simply not part of this energy!

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