Astro Weekly Update


Weekly Update
by Ruby

The Moon will be shifting into watery, sensitive Pisces here shortly. This will mark four planets in this sign and our energies will be submerged in this sign of the spirit. The next few days remind me of the White Rabbit in the classic “Alice In Wonderland” stories, as we all may feel rushed and late, and everything isn’t as it seems as we drop down the “Rabbit Hole” into a new realm. But if we play our cards right and maybe just relax and have a Tea Party, we can learn so much about how to heal ourselves. Signs and Symbols from our higher-selves will be in abundance.

A connection needs to be made to our higher-self. This is a time of healing. Our imagination and intuition are very strong. We’re plugged into everything around us, because the veils between the physical world and spiritual realms have dissolved, in a very extreme way. As these boundaries come down, we must make sure to “shield” ourselves spiritually and physically. We become very vulnerable in this energy. It’s very easy for those of us with an empathic nature to pickup on others issues and emotions, as we struggle to differentiate between whose feelings are whose.

It’s important with the Moon in Pisces to surround ourselves with kind, loving energy. This time is best spent tapping into our spirit or higher-self, (no matter how we go about it.) Try to get involved in anything creative. Work on letting go of any fears or doubts that are being held onto … because our feelings tend to flow more easily. Allow this energy to just be what it is.

We’ve got till Tuesday evening to enjoy this healing process, when a New “Super” Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs – the Moon will then shift into fast-moving Aries and we’re going to be busy once again, starting new projects and initiating anything we can.
~Ruby #rubysreadings

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