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Solar Eclipse
by Ruby

Are you feeling the energy of the Eclipses coming? The days leading up to the Solar Eclipse on March 8th can be filled with drama, anxiety, and some vivid dreaming. This also can be a very exciting time with lots of healing too, because the planetoid Chiron the wounded healer and teacher being so close to the Moon. We’re all getting a chance to heal or finish something that started almost 19 years ago, this would be an emotional wound perhaps that may have to get brought back up again to heal, but through different people or experiences. If you’ve had some kind of experience that hurt, wounded, or made you sad and caused you grief, it’s finally time to release that energy with the upcoming Solar Eclipse But you must be willing to acknowledge the wounds or emotions behind them first and then you can release that energy. This can not only heal your heart but some parts of your emotional body as well.

*If you’re having a rough time and would like to help your healing process along, might I suggest trying some “Energy” Work or Mindful Meditation.*

The Solar Eclipse energy is also creating endings, ones around business mostly, but our personal relationships can be affected as well. Whatever lesson you’re in probably started back a very long time ago, it just involved other people or situations. Eclipses are downloads of information that we receive on a unconscious level, so we’re not usually totally aware of all the info they involve or the details until after they are done. This energy can help you and can turn your situation into something positive, (even if you don’t feel that way now.) Eclipses bring in something usually bigger and even better into our lives once they have ended. Usually these situations happen so that something else more positive can come into our lives. We really just have to get out of our own way.

Each of you will have the Eclipses fall in different specific areas of your own Personal “Birth Chart“, this shows us what part of your life you should be focused on and what area needs changed.

If you don’t know your own Birth Chart or how to look up your Eclipse information, please get with me about how to Order a “One Question Reading” (these do cost and are Not Free), but just message me, “How will the March 8th Solar Eclipse affect me?” and I will also throw in a Daily Affirmation you can say the whole month that can help you cleanse and release any emotional wounds that maybe affecting you. ~Ruby


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