Windows of Opportunity


Wednesday: Astro News 
by Ruby

Timing with the Moon is very important in our daily lives, especially if we want to start anything new or initiate new projects.

The Moon is “Waning” this week, which is the cycle right before the Moon goes completely dark and becomes the New Moon. Generally speaking it’s not a good period during the “Waning” Moon to start new beginnings, but there are some exceptions when windows of opportunity do open, especially in business.

If we look at all the astrological influences this week and how they affect the Moon, we can see there are some windows of opportunity opening, so if you are looking to start something new or initiate a new project, here’s the times the windows seem to open.

Wednesday, March 2nd – 8:15 AM to 8:55 PM CST – Moon in Sagittarius.

Friday – March 4th – 3:00 PM CST through Saturday, March 5th at 10:05 AM CST – Moon in Capricorn

Saturday – March 5th – 10:25 AM through Monday, March 7th – 2:45 AM, while the Moon is on Aquarius. 
**Sunday – March 6th – after 2 AM 
“is the strongest time for New Beginnings”

Best of Luck in all your endeavors. 
~Ruby #rubysreadings

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