Solar Eclipse On It’s Way!


Astro Alert 
By Ruby

Are you feeling the energy coming in just yet? Because there’s some highly charged emotions going around, and some of this is because of the Solar Eclipse energy coming in. Aspects as strong as an Eclipse can be felt way ahead of time. So we can certainly be feeling its energy as it approaches.

A Solar Eclipse – New Moon occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, and the Moon fully or partially blocks the Sun.

A Lunar Eclipse – Full Moon occurs when the Earth’s shadow blocks the Sun’s Light, and that reflects off the Moon.

Each Eclipse carries a message for us depending on what sign it’s in, and early Astrologers would pay special attention to the sign that each particular Eclipse was in, because all the signs of the Zodiac are one of the four elements fire, earth, air or water…because they were highly symbolic for the nature of events coming that year. For example an Eclipse taking place in a Fire Sign was symbolic for war. In Earth, it was a sign of drought and earthquakes, in Air signs it was Wind and Storms, and in Water it was a sign of heavy rains or floods to come. The Solar Eclipse coming in March will be in watery Pisces, so this would predict a wet and stormy Spring around the globe.

A Solar Eclipse falls into one of the 12 different houses in our own personal Birth “Natal” Charts, and each house represents a different area of our lives. We can expect important changes and new developments in whatever House the Eclipse falls in for the coming year. Those changes occur also not only in the house it falls in, but also the house that is opposite of it within your chart. If the Eclipse falls near one of our personal “Natal” planets in our chart that also holds special meaning for us. If you happen to have a birthday within one day of the Eclipse it will be a big and unusually transformitive year.

A Solar Eclipse is very reactive kind of energy, so we tend to do a whole lot of reacting under its influence. We can be quite impulsive and defensive as well, and this makes it easier to make mistakes that we can regret later. The same goes for a Lunar Eclipse influence, we can feel like we’re losing control and this drives us to make poor decisions without thinking of our consequences first. These choices often have a lot to do or revolve around relationships. It’s best not to make any major changes during the days (Now) leading up to an Eclipse! If we take any actions or make any serious plans near the time of an Eclipse, they don’t tend to go well. Remember that this Eclipse energy impacts all of us, and for some more than others. Be observant and allow the Eclipse energy that’s coming into the atmosphere to settle some first before making any big changes or major decisions. 

If you’re not sure where or how this Eclipse will affect you, please order a “One Question Reading” here and ask, “How will the Solar Eclipse affect me?”

The Solar Eclipse is on Tuesday March 8th, 2016 and is at 18.55 degrees in Pisces at 7:45pm CST.

The Solar Eclipse shows you where to focus your attention, so you may reach your goals over the next six months. This energy is about focusing on healing a deep wound within you soul, this has a lot to do with Chiron “the wounded healer” as its just beside the Solar Eclipse. This can be an old or new wound that’s affecting your body, mind, or spirit. But if you’re willing to work with the Universe, they will assist you with releasing that wound, so that you can start something new. Your personal Birth Chart can show you the area of the release and what is also coming! 
I will write more about the Lunar Eclipse here shortly but here are some details for now.

The Lunar Eclipse occurs on March 23rd in Libra at 3.17 degrees at 7:02am CST.

It’s believed this Lunar Eclipse will bring out secrets in our relationships and partnerships. This energy can also help people make deals, or assist with legal proceedings. Lots of folks will find the issues they’ve been struggling with or worrying about will finally come to a head. 
Have a healing and safe Eclipse Season. 

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