Astro Weekly Update


Astro Weekly Update 
By Ruby

Good Fortune is on its way!

The Cosmos is bringing in some wonderful energy this week that can help connect those ideas you’ve already had with your personal goals. Even though you may feel excited about making some important changes that are long overdue in your life, you may still be cautious and not ready to take that leap forward just yet. It’s really ok if you’re not ready and don’t want to rush into something, but you can do something proactive in the meanwhile and in moderation of course, and you certainly can manifest Luck! These aspects come together strong Thursday and Friday, which makes this week the opportune time to take action, so strike while the irons hot! Get out there and do something… schedule important meetings this week, promote your ideas, just get your name out there! Send out resumes and sign contracts. 

There’s also a few days coming up that can bring in financial rewards or just positive experiences with money. Jot these dates down in your calendar, starting February 26th through early March is a good time for financial gains, thanks to a Venus/Saturn aspect. This is a good time to build a new partnership with someone, perhaps a company or a group of some kind. You can draw money to you!! This can be on a personal or professional level. This opportune aspect also meets up with surprising Uranus in a harmonious way and can actually bring unexpected money to you as well, this starts Sunday Feb. 28th and runs through March 5th.

Be Good To Yourself!

There’s also other aspects occurring soon that ask us to take a look at our overall well-being, and you need to ask the question if you’re taking on too much at once. So how many of you are sick with a virus or cold? No wonder people are getting sick with all the crazy aspects we’ve been in and the energy we’ve been dealing with. If you happen to catch a virus during a New Moon cycle it can last for a few weeks, usually. But if you happen to catch a bug on or during the Full Moon cycle, it could last for an entire month, so it would run from Full Moon to next Full Moon. The energy coming in soon can really wear us down and this can also be our wake up call. We should take it easy and pace ourselves, and not allow our bodies to become runned down. If you just recently caught a bug over the past few days while we were under the Full Moon influence, take extra care of yourself, get rest and relax. And if you catch a virus around March 8th, that would be during the New Moon influence, so it probably won’t last as long.

Remember it’s almost Eclipse Season! If you wish to learn more about the Eclipses next month please visit my blog over at
~Ruby #rubysreadings #EclipseSeason


thank you Ruby, now I know why I have been under the weather for the past few days… I will take your advice and take extra care of myself … I certainly don’t won’t this to go on for a month… 🙂


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It is true folks… take extra care of yourselves for the next little … I speak from experience having been “under the weather” for the last few days and feeling decidedly “wobbly” now… hmm so if the “sickness” aspect (‘cuse the pun) 😉 rings true, lets hope the financial aspect does too… 🙂 thanks Ruby…


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