Crisis of Faith


Astro Update
By Ruby
Crisis of Faith

Adventurous Jupiter is opposing Chiron the wounded healer today in a long-term influence that actually first came together back last November, and will meet again in August. This influence can have us questioning our core beliefs, and we can end up having some sort of crisis of faith. We might end up changing our beliefs just even a little by the time this transit is completely done, but that’s the whole point.

There’s a journey ahead of you now, if you accept the challenge to think about and work with the real meaning and understanding you have around your faith and beliefs. But you can get in your own way with old outdated beliefs that are no longer working for you. Following those old philosophies you’ve always had may not make so much sense anymore. Those beliefs you were raised with aren’t serving the grown version of yourself. Remember you are your own person and can believe in whatever you want! Some might struggle with this due to fears around unrealistic consequences, for not following the old belief systems they were taught. This can put you at a standstill around your beliefs now.

You can be easily led by certain beliefs and ideas now, this means watch out for anyone spouting off about religion, philosophy, or spirituality. You could get taken in by someone who is false, but portrays themselves much differently. This can cause confusion – around what you know to be true in your heart! While someone might be trying to manipulate you into believing that their path or ways are best. Open your eyes, be clear and honest with yourself.

You may become isolated in your feelings, and alone in your opinions, visions, and plans for the future, because other people just don’t seem to understand your visions or way of thinking, and what they mean or represent. The choices you’ve made in the past don’t feel so right anymore, and it’s important now more then ever to look within your own heart and come to a greater understanding about what you truly need and believe in…rather then just blindly following something or someone that truly isn’t going to make you happy or serve any purpose in your life.

If you’re looking at taking a new business venture, it’s best to take a step back and get a closer look first. Certain projects might have come to a close now in your personal or professional life, and you may notice you are feeling restless because you’re not used to doing life without this issue or problem. Let it go, it’s over now, don’t go back to it or try and bring it back now.

Certain challenges also may arise in our relationships, due to a difference in opinion around our beliefs. This energy can be so confusing when it comes to following our beliefs, remember if you’re not sure how you feel, close your eyes, breathe deeply and seriously, Listen to your Heart! It’s best to take some time to sort out how you’re feeling first, before making up your mind about what you do believe. Wait until you feel more confident again before you do anything too drastic, like joining a new spiritual group or church.

Our relationships can suffer from this energy due to a difference in opinions. Tread lightly with your friends or lovers for now, don’t try to push your beliefs off on them and let eveyone come to their own conclusions. Because not until August will you have all the information you need to really understand what your beliefs are all about. At least remain curious and keep your heart and mind open to the possibilities. ~Ruby #rubysreadings

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