Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon in Virgo 
By ~Ruby


A Full Moon in Virgo occurs on Feb. 22nd around 12:30pm. It’s also known as the “Snow Moon”. This sets up a new chapter or new beginnings in your life. This Moon brings in change and with Mercury finally done with a painstakingly long Retrograde phase, this Moon will definitely represent closure for many of you. However, starting Feb 28th we can start to feel the push and pull of the incoming “Eclipse Season” energy.

A Full Moon is a tense meeting between the Sun and the Moon called an opposition. It makes us feel tense from the inside out, but for some it can be downright exhilarating! Hence why people act so crazy during the Full Moon, any nurse can tell you what folks are like during a Full Moon.

This month’s Full Moon is in practical, reserved Virgo, and you’ll probably notice a strong desire to organize something in your life. You should be focusing on your health and cleaning up your daily environment and routines. Also Virgo energy is about how we can be of service to others in our personal and professional life both. Think about that, no matter what your sign.

Virgo’s are very skilled at the art of discernment and discrimination, so this Full Moon can help us figure out what we need to keep and what we need to simply let go of in our lives. Change is in the air strong, and this is the perfect time to work on eliminating anything that is considered to be a bad habit, that may be holding you back from being your true highest self.

Normally Pisces and Virgo energy can get along and work together harmoniously. But a Full Moon is tense in energy and this means the Virgo Moon energy can have us feeling critical, especially about ourselves. But Virgo is all about being of service to others if you like it or not. Pisces likes to help others too, but they have a harder time with it simply because of their need for independence. This Moon is about balancing these two energies, as we are made aware of how we neglect our physical and emotional well-being sometimes, and how we’re self-sabotaging some of our habits and routines. So instead of beating yourself up, you can use this Virgo energy to make some new decisions around what you need to do to improve your situation, and come up with some practical solutions. Take baby steps to a healthier lifestyle.

This Full Moon illuminates the path that we should be walking on, and helps us see what we can achieve personally, as it gives us a good look at the deeper meanings around what we’ve already created. Think about how you can integrate your dreams into your everyday world. A Full Moon is also about recognizing the importance other people have in your life. You’ll notice relationships can become extremely important at this time. As we feel the need to share, merge, and cooperate…be it romantic or otherwise. Work at striking a balance between who you are and what you do professionally, so you can give and help others. Ideally balance should be your ultimate goal now, around the possibilities.

The Moon in Virgo is the time to be practical, analytical and efficient. We may feel way more detail-oriented. As a result, this can be a good time to complete projects, especially if they’re not to big and if they require attention to detail. Because Virgo’s symbol is the Virgin it is also associated with welfare, food, and exercise, so these things may be a concern during this time. People can be reserved and shy because they’re in deep thought and worry. It’s easy in this energy to be over-critical or judgmental, especially with family members or people you care for.

This Full Moon can show you how to solve an ongoing problem, conflict, or crisis. Usually by helping you release built up stress and anger. Stress has built up for quite a number of years now, inside each and everyone of us due to the radical and extreme change that the Uranus/Pluto “Square” energy brought into our lives. This Full Moon can help us release that tension, as the Uranus-Pluto Square will come together strong one last time during the firsr Eclipse in March. (yes the main square is still gone, this is a short meeting.) Take all the drama, pain, anger, resentment, and trauma you have experienced since 2012, and release it! 

This is an opportunity to use the Moon’s energy to “Release it” all energetically. Read up on my Blog about how to work with the energy of the Full Moon, and release all of those pent up junk, it can really help you move forward now. ~Ruby #rubysreadings

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