Full Moon Approaching


Monday Feb 22nd

Full Moons can go well if you learn how to work with the energy they put out, so ask yourself the following questions for this month’s Full Moon in Virgo.

Are you Organized?
Are you getting things done?
Are you being of service to others?

The Full Moon is the time to let go and move on from the things that aren’t working anymore, or that are no longer serving you… or that are blocking you and your joy. So it’s time to let go of that fantasy in your mind, which you probably have already decided is never going to work out anyway. 
This month’s Full Moon in Virgo has a strong Neptunian energy to it, Neptune is a dreamy planet but when in a challenging or tense aspect it has major side effects, like us feeling dizzy, foggy, and often it can cause problems with balance, or ringing of the ears. It can zap our energy also and make us feel extremely lethargic, or lazy. The Moon being in Virgo will help us feel more grounded  and not to long after it becomes Full there will be a gift of a positive Mercury/Saturn connection.

So it’s a good time to work on manifesting, by working in situations with people you feel you have a real chance with. It’s not the kind of whimsical Full Moon energy that seems to just be based on faith. It’s more about work and stability around those you already trust, that’s what we should be focusing on. This applies to our  personal and professional lives.

The Full Moon in Virgo is about getting our act together! Are you organized? Are you getting things done? And are you being of service to others? It’s the time to let go of nit-picking behavior, as it can be damaging to both personal and professional relationships. It’s the time to let go of that kind of behavior. ~Ruby #rubysreadings

Here are the February Full Moon times:
Full Moon at 4 degrees in Virgo

Chicago CST: February 22, 12:20pm
New York EST: February 22, 1:20pm
London: February 22, 6:19pm

FYI- The Moon will be Full and NOT “Void” for a very long period of time this month, which is so nice for those of us who want to “Set Intentions” around the Full Moon. We basically have until early Wednesday morning, that’s two days and nights to get the work done. Happy Full Moon 🌚

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