Astro Weekly Update

Astro Weekly Update

There’s several different cosmic aspects influencing us this week, and many of you have felt stuck in one way or another for awhile now. There have been so many planets in cautious, steady Capricorn for awhile that we’ve not been able to move forward in some area of our life, and it’s became downright frustrating! But did ya think it would stay that way forever? Rest assured things always change. Just last Tuesday loving Venus and mental Mercury moved into more free and independent Aquarius, and believe me this changes the game. The energies have started moving once again. So get ready the roller coaster ride has begun, and you can see movement in your life.

Over these next few months it can get intense at times, but it’s also a good time to join social groups and even humanitarian efforts… with so many planets in Aquarius. Our Water Bearer (Aquarius) folks should look especially good over the next several weeks, with Venus in their sign. This also can be a good period for resolving conflicts and brainstorming, just be cautious through Monday, as the energetic build up to the Full Moon is potent and people are not as dependable or deserve your full trust right now.

On Friday, the Sun moved into sensitive, healing Pisces and so once again the energy will shift and change, this time into a more senstive, emotional place. This placement is about day dreaming, romance, movies, music and artistic. endeavors…explore your inner-Psychic. Heads up!…watch out for vampires over the next month, and I mean that in a symbolic way…to describe these folks, they are the ones who drain your energy, or try to control you and take away your personal power. There’s always one “Fool” who wants to be in charge and doesn’t care who they have to hurt to get what they want. So you’ve been warned, pay attention!

The Full Moon is on the 22nd this month and is in detailed Virgo. So again we are feeling this energy now as the Moon’s energy slowly builds up to be Full. This can have us feeling extra sensitive, raw, and anxious. Some of these feelings can be the Full Moon coming together, but it’s also likely you are feeling the energy of the upcoming March Eclipses! The Universe is trying to convey messages to you about what you should be paying attention to and working on during the upcoming “Eclipse Season.”

There’s lots of complaints coming in from the folks I consider to be sensitives or empathic by nature, around sleeping problems and anxious feelings. It’s important now to practice taking care of yourself, and get plenty of rest, eat well, and meditate…write and say positive, uplifting affirmations…exercise and do yoga. Just do whatever helps you feel centered and calm while this Eclipse energy comes together. Eclipses are wild cards yet to be played, they can really shake things up in our lives, but they also can help us by putting us on a destined path towards our dreams. If you’d like to learn more about the Upcoming Eclipse Season, click here “Eclipse Season is Coming


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