Venus in Aquarius


Venus in Aquarius

Venus changes signs today from steady, accomplished Capricorn, over to more intellectual, future-orientated Aquarius, where it stays through March 12th. We’ve been steadily making progress over the last month or so with Venus is Capricorn, and this helped us get organized, but for some of you this energy has been moving to slowly and you might feel stuck. Especially in your relationships and around your finances. But it’s time to move forward and jump ahead now. There’s a whole bunch of heavy hitting planets now moving into Aquarius, for a little while. So most things will get moving again.

This energy helps us open up to a new and different future where we are ready to jump forward, as long as we can see how to build our security in whatever part of our life we want to work on. But this aspects main focus is around love and money.

This energy helps us see the freedom we need in our relationships, be it with lovers, friends, or family and even at our job. Getting away or taking space can help us see what we appreciate more about the people in our lives. As they say, “Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder!” But for some getting away can mean breaking away and or leaving a job you’ve been in for a very long time. There’s a lot of folks out there that have experienced being broke down by other planetary alignments recently, and all this Aquarius energy coming in might just be that extra push you need to finally leap forward into something different, or to get on a new path around your relationships, work or money. During this transit we can feel a strong urge to break away from anything that feels old, worn out, or stale.

We want to be admired for our highly intelligent minds, as connecting to like-minded people becomes very important in this energy. Sharing our visions of the future can bring us strongly together during this transit. We enjoy getting out and making new contacts we don’t know, so we don’t have to get too close to people or make any emotional attachments, this keeps us content because we have such a strong need for freedom under the Aquarius influences.

If you’ve been looking at anything financial that may seem unusual or different, this is a good time to make that investment. It’s also a good energy for financial endeavors in or around technology, electronics, the Internet, or in the metaphysical realm. ~Ruby


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