Mercury in Aquarius


Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury the planet of communication is finally leaving practical thinking Capricorn for very open-minded, independent Aquarius today. Our thoughts have been very organized and focused on short and long term goals. But it’s been way to serious for too long now with Mercury’s extended stay in Capricorn, due to it being in Retrograde. With Mercury thankfully back on track now, and going at it’s normal pace…this can help us think more clearly. Since our thinking process is back to normal, then we can get on board with projects or plans that might have been slowed down or completely halted due to the Retrograde cycle! Mercury will remain in Aquarius through March 5th.

When Mercury is in this detached, quirky, and quick-witted “Air” sign…of the mind, we become very thirsty for knowledge and open up to new and original ideas. Being way more objective we can progress forward as we think way outside the box!! We are spontaneous and much more open-minded when communicating. This is a good time to be inventive, and come up with your own way, make a new path now. Over the next three weeks we could easily contradict others more quickly and offer a new or different perspective. We actually enjoy intellectual debates, are minds are quick and alert. And our power of observation is very strong. ~Ruby

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