Eclipse Season is Coming!


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Eclipse Season is coming!

We are getting closer now to what’s commonly called “Eclipse Season” by Astrologers. Eclipses of the Sun and the Moon tend to shake things up and bring in powerful changes. Sometimes the changes that take place may not be what you’d like or expect during a Eclipse, but before you make any decisions or judgments wait for things to settle down first and after it’s all over see how you feel.

Many of you are trying to get too much done right now, and without much time, money, or energy. And you’ve depleted your energy and it’s low, so don’t over do anything as we enter into “Eclipse Season.” There might be something that comes up during the Eclipses that you will have to pay extra close attention too, so you’ll need the extra time. So again I repeat…don’t overdo anything right now!

Everyone feels the Eclipses on some level, if they understand it or not. For some folks it may not affect them directly, but more indirectly… where you have to help the other people in your life because they’re having a hard time, and you could end up spending this “Eclipse Season” lending a helping hand. And then the rest of us could have issues or challenges we have to work through, and hopefully the favor is returned and we get a little help from our friends.

This Eclipse coming up can reveal something that’s been hidden or kept secret. It can be a personal issue that you’ve been trying to hide, but also global issues will start to come out. (The elections should get pretty interesting!) If for some reason you’re trying to hide something, be-careful…cuz it could come out this week! As these Eclipses start to come together the Universe is sending out very subtle messages or actually big in your face ones, so be on the lookout in the next week or so for signs, symbols, and dreams about what is coming to light.

Want to know the best way to handle “Eclipse Season”, here’s some helpful hints.

*Get some Rest, The body takes a lot of energy on during an Eclipse, it transforms us on a deep cellular level which means our DNA moves around, as we begin to download information from the Eclipses (mostly unconscious.) This energy can be exhausting for us on all levels.

*Don’t allow yourself to get involved in others drama, mind your business. Lunar activity can make folks feel pretty crazy anyway, so Eclipses really can cause some of us to get ramped up and become frustrated, and anxiety ridden. Then in turn you take out your fears on everyone else. Stay away from negativity period!

*Nuture Yourself – This is about taking care of your total well-being. We need to stay as balanced as possible, because Eclipses can make us feel like we’re in a energetic rat race. With energy pushing and pulling on us.

*Meditate daily and get connected to your Spirit, Mind, and Body.

*Eat balanced meals and don’t go for the junk, get organic and drink lots of extra water right now.

*Journal daily, it’s therapy…seriously just try it! Write about how your feeling and what you want in life, and it can also help you keep up with any signs or messages you might be seeing, and it may help you build a more personal relationship with the Universe.

*Exercise and burn off some steam, this will help you keep the nervous energy way done, and again it will help you stay balanced.

*Connect to Nature – get outdoors and take a walk daily, go to the park, do something outside. “Eclipse Season” is in the early spring so the weather may not always cooperate but it can be done.

*Play music and lift your moods, or play what relaxes you. Music is so good for the Soul. Make sure and stay away from the sad or angry stuff, the point is to raise your vibration and not bring it down.

*Wear Gem-Stones of any kind that make you feel good, that raise your vibration, that make you feel relaxed or more calm, and that can help keep you balanced. Learn more about the healing properties of the Stones if you don’t know them.

*Get away from all the negative media, because during Eclipses the news is always just full of all this sad and tragic events happening in the world. Things happen during Eclipses, and as I said it shakes us up. While there can be some great stuff going on, the news seldom reports it, so we get flooded with lower vibrational negative news. It’s already begun, so unplug! And don’t let your Newsfeed on Facebook or other social media outlets also run you down. Block negative media and other drama on Facebook and surround yourself with positive open-minded people, groups, and pages. The Media does it on purpose to get ratings, we all know it now and we’ve exposed them for the liars they are. Now it’s just time to not give them the audience they think will make ratings. 

Remember Eclipses can be a good thing too, they can deliver messages from the Cosmos that we need to hear or see. They are extremely revealing, so we can make decisions that make our lives better in some way.

“Eclipse Season” starts March 9th, with the Solar Eclipse in Pisces. Then there is the Lunar Eclipse occurring March 23rd in Libra.

If you’d like to know how these Eclipses will specifically affect you, Order a “One Question Reading” with me and I will provide you with some answers. Order here and ask how will the “Spring Eclipses” affect me? And get the answer to your One Question Reading! Email me at

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