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Mid-Week Update
By Ruby

This week looks pretty good, especially concerning anything financial or when making meaningful connections. There’s a lot of strong and lucky financial days this week and into the weekend. So make sure and to do any kind of Law of Attractions or energy work to draw money in under this lucky cosmic influence.

Signs from the Universe

Are you getting signs from the Universe? Start watching for signs and symbols this week. With the Spring Eclipses just around the corner, the Universe is all ready to send out some serious personal messages about changes that are taking places in our lives. There are two Eclipses coming, the Solar Eclipse in Pisces and a Lunar Eclipse in Libra in March. We should be getting strong messages about what changes need to take place in our life and what opportunities await. Eclipses are Wild Cards yet to be played, they bring in much needed changes even if we can’t appreciate it at this time.

For some folks, these Eclipses could bring pressure on the job, so you might feel like looking for new work. And sometimes a new relationship develops under this influence. You really just never know what to expect exactly but you can tell what area of life the changes will occur in, if you follow astrology. But for now stay aware of the signs, they may be subtle messages or not so subtle, between now and the 22nd of February.

This week seems to hold some pretty lucky days, so I would suggest you do something positive to move your intentions forward during this week. Make contacts, phone calls, and build connections. Reach out to people this week under these Astrological Influences as they tend to fall in your favor around money and work! If you’re starting a new project it’s a great time to promote it or get it off the ground. If you’re wanting to apply for a loan, to school, for a new job or business license go for it this week as it can go extremely well.

Starting tonight pay attention to your dreams, as you might dream extra heavy and vivid. These dreams can have strong hidden messages and meanings of some kind. Even bad or scary dreams can be actually a good omen, look for the symbolism always in your dreams. Be mindful of what your subconscious mind is trying to express this week, as there are important messages coming through. Some folks might dream about deceased loved ones during this period too. This is just one way they can connect and spend time with you. Positive energy is available in so many ways right now, to all of you who make it a point to go after it this week.

Thursday and Friday you may take the initiative to start a new project. You can also have sudden visions or Psychic insight, as thoughts of a predictive nature can be sudden and random. These may be messages from your Angels and or Spirit Guides to get something done, so go for it! You are being divinely guided, so if these visions suddenly pop into your head just know you are being shown and inspired to try something new. ~Ruby

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