February New Moon


February New Moon
by Ruby

A New Moon in the Sign of Aquarius occurred this morning around 9 AM CST, and this starts the beginning of a new cycle. This is a good time for joining in group activities such as friendships, social pursuits, group projects or activities. Thinking of any causes you support and work with them. With the New Moon in Aquarius the energy is potent, we have a chance to make progressive changes in our lives. It might become important that we pay more attention to certain situations that are all about these changes!

This is a good time to solve problems that require us to think more “outside the box”, we can look to the future with a brand new, more positive, and hopeful outlook. Get out and socialize today, focus on helping others in small ways, express how you feel in friendships you value. It’s much easier to give our emotions a break because we are more objective and detached from our past emotional wounds.

Learn what makes the people around you tick, or how someone important to you works. Get out of your comfort zone and renew yourself by having new or different experiences. Reach out to those in your circle or community, and recognize how you value important friendships or connections. It’s important to know that there’s some level of detachment and distance that’s needed in this energy… from our everyday habits or past. This can help us break away from destructive behaviors that are holding us back from happiness.

This New Moon is also squaring impulsive Mars, which can bring on some pretty impulsive energy. But this gives us the opportunity to come up with some very good ideas that are new and inventive.

Setting Intentions or Making Wish Lists:
If you would like to “Set Intentions” or make out a Wish List under the New Moon energy. Remember we’re also in the “Void” all day and night long, so technically we’re not supposed to do Energy work until starting Tuesday morning. But at that point the Moon will habe shifted into Pisces…so I say do what you have too and it’s better to try and set some intentions then not at all. And if you want, try it today and Tuesday both just for backup! Follow your gut instincts and your heart and do what feels right. Have a Blessed New Moon.

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