February New Moon 16



Do you really know or understand the “New Moon”, often also called the “Dark Moon” due to it illuminating the least amount of light in the months Lunar cycles.

The February New Moon of 2016 is really a wonderful energy. It takes place in the 11th House of the Zodiac for starters and that is a great house to reside in, simply because it holds some of the best energies. It’s the. “Manifestation of What We Have Wished For.” So it’s very important no matter what your sign to make New Moon wishes and “Set Intentions”. (To learn more about how head over to my blog site at rubyreadings.com ) This month’s New Moon is also in very open-minded Aquarius, so let your thoughts flow.

Astro Tip: Pay attention all my Aries or Aries Rising folks, this New Moon triggers the 11th House in your own personal Birth Chart in a big way! Which makes it an especially potent energy and time to make wishes or “Set Intentions”.

Here’s some important information about the February New Moon in 2016 you should know:

First off it’s time to let go of any behaviors that really aren’t serving you, so quit behaving the way you think you’re supposed to. This New Moon is in Aquarius and that means celebrate who you are and all of your uniqueness, embrace all of who you are, the good, bad, and ugly!

Then there is the healing properties this New Moon brings in. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s just physical healing, but it can be. This is Healing on all levels, so it can help heal anything that makes you feel ill or uneasy. Clean out your emotional closets and unpack your bags, and your physical well-being can heal. What should you do to help heal yourself That looks like writing in a journal daily, or learning how to really meditate, and talking about your emotional issues with someone you trust, however you do it…just get it out!

Lastly there’s a lot of love and abundance that comes in during the February New Moon of 2016. As loving Venus is about to connect to lucky Jupiter…under this New Moon in Aquarius energy. So make sure when making New Moon wishes or lists, to do it with love in your heart. Ask for love even if you are in a committed relationship with a partner. Ask the Universe for love and abundance in all its forms, because we can become very lucky as love truly is what makes the world go around.

This New Moon will finally put us on a good path if we just simply “Ask” the Universe for what it is we want. So make your wishes immediately after the New Moon comes together Monday morning around 9am CST, 10am EST. And if decide to “set intentions” with this New Moon…you can make lists out over the weekend anytime, just don’t meditate or visualize with them until Monday morning. Have a Blessed New Moon!

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