Mercury Goes Direct Day!


Happy Mercury goes direct day!
by ~Ruby

Mercury in Retrograde is officially “Over” and is finally turned direct and is at a complete stop or halt, but… do not jump and start anything brand-new just yet! This is a not time for endings, conclusions, or resolutions, not just yet. Communications, electronic glitches, and miscommunications will slowly come to a halt over the next few weeks, but it’s really one day at a time. Mercury is also involved in a couple of longer term transits that make things a little rough this week.

Mercury rules over our communications and how we think and how we process information. Have you noticed how confused everyone has been over the three weeks? Mercury has been going backward (Retrograde) for the last three weeks now and caused some serious frustrations, but this energy also has helped many of us discover important truths. The past might have shown up in one way or another and helped us see things in a different way.

Now is the time to wrap up old business and then soon we can start fresh again. If you really want to be out of the “Shadow” period of Mercury in Retrograde and leave no room for errors, then safely I would say start new projects in two weeks around Feb. when the “New Moon” occurs. It will be a great time to start new beginnings on may levels, and we will be able to focus and see much more clearly.

You might be curious about what to do now if you shouldn’t start anything new. Mercury is paused in the cosmos and our thoughts might be feeling stuck… so it’s a great time to take all the truths and information you’ve gathered during Mercury’s Retrograde phase and start planning out goals, clearing out spaces on all levels, and preparing for your future success story! This Retrograde phase gave us an opportunity to really review our lives from a different perspective, think about what you have learned during its Rx phase and soon enough you’ll be able to start new projects.

Hopefully over the next week or so whatever we encountered during Mercury in Retrogrades cycle should begin to clear up. But starting today the energies are going to come on very strong and can flood us with information that’s hard to make sense of. May I highly suggest to not make any major decisions just yet, as our way of thinking maybe still off and there’s information we haven’t made sense of that’s going to continue to come in over these next few weeks, just give it time to all go back to normal. ~Ruby

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