Mercury Squares Uranus


Astro Update
by ~Ruby

A challenging aspect between mental Mercury (in Retrograde) and wild Uranus takes place this week, and has caused some of us to feel sort of unfocused and confused, and that can make us irritable and upset. Pay attention and don’t allow yourself to get to impulsive and jump without thinking first. This energy can cause mental stress and tension, so we can become easily irritated and worry for no real reason. This energy can cause folks to rebel.

Our communication can be different, we can feel odd and out of place when talking. Since we want to make big changes now, this can cause us to feel excitable and nervous. Use this energy to do something constructive. We are thinking so outside the box that we can challenge those that imply we follow old rules or old worn out beliefs.

Make sure to take deep breaths every once in awhile to help you stay groundedbin your body. Turn your fears into feelings of excitement and drop all of those thoughts in your mind, down into your heart and then feel them out, give your mind some space to reorganize, as we can get easily confused and sidetracked during this time.

Don’t expect to much of anything during this time, expect the unexpected! Our normal routines and plans can change quite quickly and sometimes without much warning, but this can help us to find new ways of approaching or even solving our problems. Lots of revelations and breakthroughs are going on now, as Ah-Ha moments are going to pop-up. Keep your mind open and go with this energy.

Avoid making any major decisions during this time, especially if they are hasty. This is a good time to reorganize your world, try to enjoy cleaning out closets and putting things in order. This isn’t a good time to try and be understood, so try and hold off presenting your ideas for the time being. New information can surface now that upsets the status quo, but this can also help stimulate our minds into new ways of thinking.

This energy is with us for quite awhile due to Mercury being in Retrograde, through Feb 4th. But right after this energy breaks apart Mercury will also be completely out of Retrograde and back on the right track, which means the confusion will calm way down and many of our struggles will simply fade away. ~Ruby

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