Is 2016 a Bad Year?


Is 2016 a Bad Year ?

Many folks are asking why so many people, pets, actors and such are crossing over this last few weeks. It seems terrible when something unexpected happens, especially death. Just over the last few weeks I’ve known a few people and pets myself personally who have crossed over, so it’s been sad on many levels.

But we must remember the Numerology of 2016 when reduced down is a 9, so both globally and universally we are in a year of Endings. It is a year of Karma coming back around for better or worse. Karma does NOT mean you pay for all the bad you did in life or from past lives! Karma is the energy around us…it’s bad, good and indifferent, it’s the energy that comes back around and takes over for reasons sometimes we don’t understand. The word Karma is used incorrectly all the time nowadays, it does not always mean to be punished, Karma doesn’t have to be a negative entity. It’s the energy we are drawing to us either consciously or unconsciously at all times. That doesn’t mean everyone will die or lose something this year…simply put Karma is actually life lessons in my opinion, and what you put out does come back, but often life lessons don’t seem fair. But that’s a whole different conversation for another time.

For many folks that means 2016 is a time to move forward, and hopefully to bigger and better things. Those that have transitioned over recently have finished their life lessons here or soul contracts. It was their time to go home. And for those of you who are going through other major changes right now, a better solution is around the corner for you, and different opportunities will show up, just remember you may have to take a risk to make things work for you or to grab opportunities as they come in.

Again, don’t be afraid that this is a Number 9 Year… 2016 it’s about Endings and New Beginnings. We as Astrologers can only speculate exactly what gateway has been opened for so many people to cross-over through, but my bet would be that Mars being in Scorpio has something to do with it. There’s also a major planetary alignment lining up involving a whole bunch of planets on the 20th, this too might be what’s opened up a special gateway for people to transition over. Even if we’re not exactly sure why these deaths keep happening, one thing I feel very strongly about is when lots of people choose to leave the planet at once, it’s because there’s major change happening, which usually means we’re evolving in a very big way right now. So they had to leave here to do very important work that we don’t understand.

For now I offer my condolences to those of you who have lost someone important this year. Just know after a crisis usually something good will show up in one way or another. And for anyone suffering just remember we have to be in the dark to see the Stars!

There’s also two Grand Trines (good energy) happening this week which is a rare occurrence, so things can be a bit easier than last week. Just over the last day or so there’s a Grand Trine in stable Earth Signs coming together, so you should be able to accomplish a great deal despite Mercury being in Retrograde. We can be very practical, logical and methodical.

The next Trine is on Friday in water signs, and everyone can feel quite Psychic for the week. This will be a very dreamy week, probably starting Wednesday as this influence starts to pull together and helps us tap into our intuition. But for those of you who are highly sensitive or of a empathic nature, you may feel highly emotional and over sensitive, so protect your energy from those that seem like they’re on a power trip. Shields Up! But overall you should enjoy this energy more then anything. Remember it’s always about making the best of things also. ~Ruby


Thank you for this perspective; it helps to see things differently, rather than merely tragically.


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