Mercury in Capricorn


Friday – Astro Update 
Mercury changes Signs, Again?

By now most of you understand that Mercury is in Retrograde, but it’s been in intellectual, open-minded Aquarius, but due to Mercury moving backwards in the Cosmos it has shifted back into more practical, self-sufficient Capricorn where it will stay until Feb 13th.

Mercury was already in Capricorn from December 11th through Jan 1st… so we only experienced it in Aquarius for a very short period of time. So think back over that time frame and what should be discussed or fixed or gone back over. We need to rethink, re-visit, re-plan, restructure, etc. It’s going to be easier once again to think things through as our mental processing slows way down! Once Mercury goes direct again on Jan. 25th, will be able to use the information we’ve gathered in the real world.

Mercury in Capricorn is a time when our minds want something real, and tangible to count on for the future. A systematic, practical approach to reaching goals is now favored, we’re goal-oriented and focused on practical matters as we take care of business.

We won’t waste our time on words so much now, because we speak the truth and are to the point.. but in a more relastic matter. We see the reality of situations very clearly, and everything might not look as pretty as it did when Mercury was in Aquarius over the last week! Use this time to get in touch with what is really happening in our life and the world…this isn’t time to delve into the “Rabbit Hole.” Just don’t allow yourself to become to pessimistic.

If you are a Gemini or Virgo Sun or Rising sign you will be more serious and focused on accomplishing goals during this time. If you are a Sun or Rising Capricorn, you’ll be more talkative over the next 5 weeks or so. ~Ruby

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