Happy New Moon


“New Moon” Alert
by ~Ruby

Saturday night the Moon aligns with the Sun harmoniously, both in Capricorn. This starts the first New Moon of 2016. This a great time to go within and set seeds of “powerful intentions”, around what you’d like to accomplish over the next 28 days…put that energy out to the Universe, to the God of your understanding, the Angels, whatever it is you believe in. Or just throw the energy out to the New Moon, so it can bring you what you deeply desire.

Capricorn at its finest is all about development of self and learning how to take responsibility, being resourceful and reliable, and achieving self-mastery over our emotions…having the ability to set realistic goals and healthy boundaries.

Over the next 28 days we should be working on achieving our goals in a mature way, while using good old fashioned common sense. With the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Pluto all in practical Capricorn we should be preparing and planning out our future goals. It’s a good time to make commitments towards are responsibilities, and nuture our dreams in a realistic manner. Take one step at a time while you plan, set and work at achieving long-term goals … just keep them practical!

This New Moon in Capricorn is all about become wiser and mature, to really evolve it takes dealing with adversity almost constantly. Because handling challenges helps us to become self-reliant and more self-sufficient. There’s a series of obstacles that are put on our path in life, so we can learn what we’re capable of doing, and this helps show us where we’re blocked or not taking responsibility properly. Ask yourself what obstacles or blocks are keeping your from your goals, and what can you do to get through them?

The negative side of Capricorn energy is the wanting to dominate others or being dominated. We have a strong need to win at any cost, even if that means giving up ones personal power or authority. And giving our power away to others out of a deep fear of being dominated. It’s important to evaluate where you seek approval or need permission from others.

This New Moon is aligning with powerful Pluto also in Capricorn, while meeting up with shocking Uranus in fiery Aries. This is very potent energy…and it’s all about how we use our time here in the physical world. It shows us our relationship with our own personal power, and if we use it or give it away. Challenges can present themselves  that make us take and accept our responsibilities we don’t really normally want to deal with, but this energy isn’t worried about our feelings, but more that we are being mature and are dealing with our problems.

This New Moon is also in a aspect with wounded Healer Chiron in Pisces, this can be healing. Our wounds are on the surface, but help is on its way when Jupiter in Virgo gets involved, as long as we don’t feel guilty about our flaws. Remember you’re only human and will improve over time, there’s just always more we can accomplish. We see the “whole picture” now and can adapt to change…if we choose to be gentle with ourselves, but we must remain productive.

It’s important to choose your battles wisely in 2016, because we have a chance to pave the path towards a better future now, to participate in the evolution of our existence while on the planet, and we are moving fast now. Trust the truth to set you free, be your own authority but use it carefully!

The New Moon is also the best time to “Set Intentions”, always set intentions before the Moon goes Void! So the best time would be late Friday evening through Saturday evening around 7:30pm CST. Then you can work under the New Moon energy starting Sunday afternoon, but it will be a bit different energy as the Moon will have shifted into much more open-minded Aquarius. The Moon will go “Void” around dinner time Saturday evening through Sunday afternoon.
Happy New Moon!  ~Ruby


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