A Time of Retrogrades


“A time of Retrogrades”
by Ruby

January is a time for reflection and review as so many planets are either already in Retrograde or about to be, this is when a plant appears to be moving backwards in the sky, but it’s influence on us also changes a bit as we feel it more internally.

With two planets already in Retrograde, Mercury and Jupiter, we all should get a opportunity to revisit some “Karmic Lessons” and finish up some old business.

Mercury in Retrograde:
Mercury turned Retrograde yesterday (go here to learn more, https://goo.gl/jZpz8x) and will stay there through Jan. 25th. This three week period is a time to review things in our life and to learn by doing things over and over. The Universe actually gives us the chance to slow down and double check everything, if we like it or not. This is not a time for new beginnings, it’s really more about renewal and taking your time, so only schedule in about half of what you normally do. Anything that’s started during a Mercury in RX cycle may not last or work out as planned. It’s not a time to buy a new car or computer as Mercury rules over anything with a motor basically. Give yourself more time to travel and expect delays just to be prepared. Use this time to re-examine your life, do things like refinance your home, reschedule appointments, edit your books or blogs, anything that starts with RE is where your focus should be.

Jupiter Retrograde:
Jupiter the planet that motivates us and creates expansion is in Virgo and turns Retrograde on the 7th. So wherever you have Virgo in your chart is where you get a chance to review that part of your life. Virgo rules over our health and physical healing, so this is a good time to safeguard your health so you don’t catch any viruses going around, and to work on healing practices. Health issues we havent totally fixed might come up, this period give us a chance to work on them.

Virgo energy also pertains to the work we do, so this can be a positive period to review your daily work habits and career path too. The top New Year resolutions are always around getting healthy and our work. So if you’ve been waiting on something to materialize, it may take time now as our progress feels slowed down during Jupiter in Retrograde. It’s just an opportunity to really go over it all thoroughly and then you won’t have to worry about it hopefully again, or for a very long time. Remember we are being delayed not denied during a Retrograde cycle.

Mars Retrograde (Astro Tip):
Also Mars the planet of action will be going into Retrograde in April. This won’t be a great time to start anything new, but it will be a perfect time to put a game plan together to insure success for the next two years! Mars Retro runs through the end of June. During this three month period we should focus on what we need and want from our life, it’s a good time to plan out your goals in a powerful way. If you use this time wisely, your goals can manifest over the next few years! Dreams can literally come into being.

Since April through June will be a time of planning and making up strategies, we’re not suppose to act on our ideas until we have a solid plan and after Mars is back to normal in June. This can look like updating resumes, contacting people and networking, studying, and learning, putting legal papers together, seeking new relationships, outlining ideas, and writing out plans and goals…. these are just a few examples of what you can do during the Mars Retro cycle. If you don’t take this opportunity to pre-plan your success, it might feel like your constantly playing catch up or are two steps behind for awhile.

Wherever Mars falls in your Astrological Natal Chart is where you’ll get the chance to lay the foundation for your personal success story. It’s different for each of us!

If you’d like to know more info on this, Order a “One Question Reading” with me about 2016 and I will look at your Chart and give you some ideas about your own “Mars in Retrograde” plan. I will also include a “affirmation” you can say and write down to help you manifest your goals during that time frame. Just message, email, or text me to order your “One Question/Mars Reading”


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