“Mercury in RX, how to be Productive”



Mercury in Retrograde
“How to Be Productive”
January 2016
by Ruby

Have you noticed electronics breaking down or glitching out, are you struggling with misunderstandings or having communication issues? Then there’s a very good chance you have been experiencing the affects of “Mercury in Retrograde.” Mercury is the plant that governs over communication, travel, and electronics, and when it is in a Retrograde cycle or appears to moving backwards, things can get a little haywire here on planet Earth.

I have been writing about what not to do during a “Mercury in Retrograde” cycle for many years now. Even though I believe in the advice I give, about how we shouldn’t be signing contracts or making any long distance travel plans. It just seems to get to the point were I’m constantly telling people the negative end of “Mercury in Retrograde”,  which is a drag. I am overly optimistic by nature. Each “Mercury in Retrograde” cycle lasts for 3 weeks and that’s not including the “Shadow Phases” before and after. Realistically we can’t just drop our lives, we must embrace and adapt!

Take it from someone who really understands Mercury, due to being born in a “Mercury in Retrograde” cycle myself and experiencing it’s transits on a deep level. So I’ve had my fair share of “Mercury in Retrograde” moments over the years, and I could go on and on, so in some ways I live in this electronical glitchy world all the time. Therefore I am almost used to it, but still thoroughly annoyed by it. But I have also learned that “Energy Follows Thought” bottom line, no matter what the Cosmos is doing I have proving to myself time and time again, that if you focus on what it is you really want, you can ride the waves of any negative astrological influence, and come out of it with something more on the positive side.

As I get older, I am learning how to align my energy better with the Cosmos. So I thought I would shed some light on how one can be productive during a “Mercury in Retrograde” cycle instead of explaining what not to do! Let’s focus on how on the progress we can make.

I see Astrologers constantly explaining how during this cycle, communication is broken down… well that makes me think about when something or someone is broken down, it’s an opportunity to build the energy back up again, and make it better or more to your liking. We sometimes have to start over to achieve our goals. So here is my list below to help remind me and all of you, of what we can do that actually works for us during “Mercury in Retrograde”

How to be Productive during Mercury in Retrograde:

REWORK SCHEDULES: Take a look at your schedule and ask: What’s working or not? Be flexible during this phase, and just know you may have to change your game plan. Think about letting go of any responsibilities that aren’t yours or that aren’t working for you.

DECLUTTER: It’s right after the Holidays, so many of us are clearing out old junk anyway, but during a “Mercury in Retrograde” cycle is the best time to get into your closet, basement, shed or attic and rid of what you don’t use anymore. I mean go through everything, even old junk drawers and make sure and recycle. Remember when you get rid of old stuff, you are getting rid of the old energy as well, and making room for new fresh energy to come in…which can bring in new beginnings.

REVISIT: If there’s any friends or family that you haven’t contacted in a long time for whatever reason, now is the time to make amends and open your heart up to healing. Working on these relationships can help heal old wounds. Which is beneficial to your spiritual evolvement. Catch up with old friends, go have coffee or meet up for dinner. Just make sure the people you choose to revisit are not dysfunctional or abusive.

SELF-CARE: It’s important to take care of yourself during this cycle, so working on self-care can be very helpful. Take it easy and make sure to eat right, exercise and move more. Spend less time being plugged into the net or social media if at all possible. Start some sort of new routine that benefits you and your well-being.

CHANGE THE ENERGY: Time to change the energies up in your life, add some nice candles to your home… to help burn off old energies and invite new energy in. Put some color in your home and redecorate with pictures that make you feel good. Add fresh flowers, burn new candles and burn some incense.  Bless and release the old energy that’s been in your home or office, and bring in a hugger vibrational energy. There’s many different ways to go about this. Just try it, you’ll see and feel the difference.

BE FLEXIBLE: This is very important so I am going to repeat it again, allow the energies to flow around you and stop trying to control everything, write a letter and let the Universe know what you’re trying to create in your life, and then sit back and relax. Just follow what feels natural and don’t fight, argue, or push.

REINVENT: Take some time to think about your past successes and bring new light to them, enjoy what you have created in your life, instead of trying to constantly manifest something new and different. Make sure to reuse what’s in your home and repurpose whatever you can, perhaps some DYI projects should be on the agenda during this period.

REWORK AND REDO: If you left any projects that you had started and never finished, behind, work on them again. Work on anything you feel passionate about, but this time finish them and enjoy what you have done. If there’s something you just couldn’t get done or get through, now is the time to redo it and fix it! “Mercury in Retrograde cycles tend to really help us finish up old business.

ORGANIZE: Do you have 3000 pics on your phone or computer just hanging around, this is a great time to organize your life. I like to organize my emails, pictures and just everything on my computer and smartphone or tablet during “Mercury in Retrograde.” Take the time to organize your world in anyway possible. Use this energy to make something creative perhaps as well.

REMEMBER: Connect to your past in some way, watch old videos of your family, wedding or any life event that was happy memory. Check out old high school pictures of friends and just simply reflect and reminisce about the old days, fill your heart up with memories and simply feel gratitude for the time you had with them. Connecting to positive energies will help you feel good, and can help you move forward in your life. ~Ruby

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