Karma of 2016


Weekend Astro Update
“2016 Karma”
By Ruby

The term Karma means for every action there is a reaction! Good, bad or indifferent. So for everything you put out you get back. Paybacks can be wonderful or they can be difficult, based on what you’ve put out there.

When we break 2016 down Numerology wise, we see this is a number 9 Year!
2+0+1+6 = 9

The number 9 Year is about Karma! You get a chance now to end something this year, once and for all! Something in your life will come to an end, or a chapter is closing now. Now this doesn’t mean it’s all bad, because endings can also be good… so think of it this way..

~You can end a bad habit or stop a certain way of thinking or attitude now.

~Change a behavior enough to end it for goof, usually this involves in the way you react to a situation. You can end the negativity.

~It’s time to end that bad relationship or friendship now and move on from it.

In life things have to end sometimes in order to have new beginnings show up. Your own personal Karma may be complete now with a person, situation or job this year. Allow it to unfold so you can be rewarded Karmically speaking!

Let’s say you’ve been at your job for quite sometime and you never got a promotion, no matter how hard you worked it never happened. Well in 2016 you just may be finally rewarded for a job well done and see some major progress again. But before that happens, you may have to consider leaving your current job and get out there and find something new, to see those rewards finally come in!

The Number 9 cycle is also about our past coming back around, so for some that can mean second chances. 2016 is a good year to reconnect with old dreams, lost loves, and goals. You may connect with old friends or go back to an old job. You can resurrect an old dream! Dust yourself off and try again. If someone or something has not been working out to your advantage and has not been enhancing your life, you might just finally end your association.

So, it is truly a New Year to disconnect and reconnect. You can get paid back Karmically for the good you have done or for the poor decisions you’ve made. Either way, Karma is coming to call upon us. You now can release the things that aren’t working or that you don’t need in your life to make way for new opportunities!

In addition to this being a Number 9 Year there is also a Universal Energy number for each of us, we individually all have a specific number too. Some of you might be in a Number 1 personal year, so that could mean a year that will bring you love or money.

If you’d like me to do a Reading on your specific Personal Year, you can pay and order a “One Question Reading” with me and I will give you the overall theme you’ll be working in for 2016. Just email or message me asking for “My Personal Year for 2016” Reading.

Happy New Year ~Ruby


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Happy New year to you ruby..


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