Happy New Year


New Year’s Day!
Astro Update -2016

It’s finally the New Year and the 1st weekend of 2016, it’s a exciting time filled with renewed hope and new beginnings. I did notice a lot of people. were discussing just how rough and difficult 2015 was…from my clients, friends and even all the New Years Eve TV hosts. They talked about what a hard year 2015 was, with so much tragedy and just overall intensity. I couldn’t agree more… yes 2015 was very hard for so many… due to some off the chart astrological aspects that all came together at once, which made for a mean cosmic stew!

If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who had a good year, then consider yourself very lucky indeed, but I will bet you know someone who suffered pretty intensely in one way or another.

The good news for 2016 is those nasty aspects are no more, they have broken up to move on. Even though there’s one aspect that can get reactivated from time to time, it won’t last that long and we won’t feel the intense pressure of it coming together over and over for long periods of time. These aspects won’t come together again for many many years! Let’s all lick our wounds and heal now, it’s time to move forward.

So for today, we start off with the Moon in very social always balancing, and charming Libra. Our Relationships become the main focus in this energy, and if you’re single then the relationship you have with yourself might become something to pay attention to. Ask yourself how you treat.. you?

Work on balancing your responsibilities with your relationships. You may feel particularly gracious, diplomatic, and compromising. It’s a good time for negotiations while you balance out your world, because emotions can be set to the side, just long enough to deal with others.

The darker side of this cycle can make it easier to avoid direct confrontation. It’s harder to take sides or make decisions, because we see the whole picture, and both sides of any given situation. So making a choice one way or another can bring up fears around losing others approval.

To stay balanced in this energy go with your gut instincts and listen to your intuition. When communicating do it with charm and grace, it can make a lasting impression.

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