Mercury In Retrograde


Thursday – New Years Eve 
Mercury Retrograde “Station”

Mercury the planet that rules over communication, expression and travel is slowing down now to go into its Retrograde cycle on January 5th! Many folks have already been experiencing the annoying electronic glitches and miscommunication Mercury in Retrograde brings. But there’s more to Mercury’s lessons then just feeling annoyed. I know you’re shaking your head right now.

Mercury will be in Retrograde for 3 and half weeks and there’s lessons to be learned during this time. Mercury is also known as the trickster of the Zodiac and will fool you…if you allow it too! Mercury rules the lower mind, so don’t allow it to trip you up…as it makes things seem different then they actually are. Watch out for illusions!

On a more positive note, as we go into the “station” period of this aspect we can begin to work on organizing our life in big ways, it’s time to work on projects left undone, and is good for researching ways to fix problems. Also the “Truth” seems to come out during a Mercury in Retrograde phase, so ask the Universe to show you the truth around what you’re needing to know. It just might get interesting!

Over the next 9 days, until Jan. 9th we’ll need to be extra patient with others and ourselves. Especially around communicating and transportation, and its associated technologies. This isn’t a good time to really start anything brand-new, especially if it contains any new information that needs to be processed. We need to stick to what we’ve been doing and work on situations that have already been happening.

During this station period we can experience delays and there can be misunderstandings, as the energy can feel stuck, paused, stagnant and just off. It’s important to give yourself some extra time when getting ready to go anywhere or traveling.

Take into consideration that our minds and thoughts are ruled by Mercury, and it has come to a stop and is preparing to basically go backwards, for the next three and half weeks. This affects all of us, if you understand it or not. It can be hard for some and not to bad for others, depending on where it lands in your own personal Natal Chart.

Understand people are going to be confused or so it seems, which can lead to frustrating circumstances, be prepared and pay attention to help clear up any misunderstandings that do happen. Acting out and losing your cool will not help you now, as every one of us are affected by this energy! The phone might accidently hang up or not even work, your car might suddenly breakdown, your plane ride might get delayed. Don’t look to lay blame on someone if one of these things happen, it’s not about fault. It’s about using your mind to find creative ways out of situations, it’s challenging energy but it’s also resourceful and great for organizing your world in.

Also we may learn the truth about, well just about anything, as there is lots of ways to handle this astrological influence, and I’ve got them all written down, so keep reading my Blogs and we will get through this together. I’m strongly affected by Mercury in Retrograde as its very predominate in my own personal Natal Chart, and I was born during a Mercury in Retrograde cycle! Sigh. I’m here to help you understand it and work through it. It’s in your best interest to stay positive and patient now and hopefully you’ll come out unscathed and maybe even learn a few things. ~Ruby 

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