Venus moves into Sagittarius


Astro Alert 
Venus in Sagittarius
December 30th – January 23rd

The planet Venus rules over our relationships and often our money, it changes signs from seductive, soul searching Scorpio into adventurous, quick moving Sagittarius early today. This helps us to feel more social again after being hidden in deeper, sensual Scorpio for awhile now. So get ready the adventures in love begin now, this isn’t just about our relationships with lovers or partners, it’s also about the relationship you have with yourself. How exciting has your life been?… well it certainly can pick up the pace now as this energy can help you to really enjoy life again if you choose to explore your passions and take some risks. We’re more inclined to connect to people that are different from ourselves, people with different backgrounds and upbringing. We’re off to explore new things, so if you’re single…dating can get very interesting during this time. We are looking for an adventure in our love life and in social settings with others. This energy is hot…with Sagittarius being a fire sign. It can be downright exotic! Whew, make it fun!

With Venus in Sagittarius we are more then willing to take some risks with others, and we can express ourselves and what’s on our mind quite bluntly too! Be careful to think before you speak over these next three and half weeks. Yes, keeping our mouths shut seems to be the theme this week, even though most will have difficulty with it. But Sagittarius energy is very to the point, and we can easily say what’s on our mind and hurt others feelings, when that really isn’t our intention, so think about what your going to say before you communicate or express yourself.

We need to somehow have an adventure with our partners or ourselves… so maybe take a trip, as getting away from our normal everyday rountines can help us heal and feel better about our life, and open our hearts and minds. Sagittarius energy is very spiritual actually and can help us also learn how to connect again to our spirit and the Universe, so that’s another way to gain a new perspective… just by going through your heart, just close your eyes and get connected again to your spirit and feel the energy and the possibilities! Get out there and explore life with Venus in Sagittarius, it can be just the breath of fresh air you’ve been needing. ~Ruby


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All I can say is THANK GOODNESS … for my soul searching has been deep and painful! I could use a healthy dose of fun and lightness, oh believe you me! This report is right on …. well, I’ve yet to see my adventures but here is to HOPE!! ❤


thanks Ruby… hmmm gotta take care I guess.. I have quite the Venus influence, hopefully good manners will out way the desire to tell some folks what I really think of them… 😉


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This influence will be stronger for those with strong Venus (Libra/Taurus) and/or Sagittarius placings, and or those with activity in the 7th and or 9th house… 🙂 Thanks Ruby for this excellent explanation…


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