Astro Weekly News


Astro Weekly News

The Holidays are officially underway… so many people are out last minute shopping, cooking and honoring the seasons change, which brings us to the Winter Solstice this Tuesday evening. So these lots to talk about. It’s important to pay-attention today and this week to what’s happening. Because the Universe is sending out some major signs and signals, and our intuition is strong. So listen to it! We’re going to have some major Ah-Ha moments as things become un-hidden and revealed.

Full Moon Magic:

The Full Moon also falls on Christmas day this year. There’s not been a Full Moon on Christmas in 38 years. This Full Moon is in the sign of Cancer, which is very fitting considering that Cancer the Crab rules home and hearth, family and tradition and much more. This week can be stressful as we are in the build up of energy towards the light of the Full Moon, so it can be emotionally intense out there this week. It’s a good time to practice meditation or prayer, if you can steal a few moments from your holiday festivities.

Our New Years Eve Astro forecast looks bright, we will feel more optimistic about our dreams and goals for the New Year, thanks to some pretty positive cosmic influences coming in.

Celebrating the Holidays:

The Winter Solstice is drawing near and this is actually a good time to think about setting some New Years resolutions. And with the Sun moving into the sign of hard-working, practical Capricorn also on Tuesday, we’ll want to get organized…as we’re more dedicated to our goals and tasks and what’s happening here on the planet and in our everyday lifes.

There are many different traditions that celebrate and honor the longest night of the year that are considered sacred. The original celebrations of the Winter Solstice took place at night, as folks gathered around a huge fire and set out candles to call the Sun back in.

One thing all the faithful traditions use to celebrate the Holidays is Light! From string lights, candles to even sparklers. They light up bonfires to celebrate the Yule log, which is an old tradition that dates back to Northern European times. The lights are a reminder of the hope we have for those longer sunny days.

The longest night of the year is a very fruitful time for “Setting Intentions” when the Sun also starts it’s new journey, and so do we. So what you focus on and feel… you can create…then watch those intentions grow with the Sun. Our wishes and desires will grow and gain momentam through Spring.

Think about starting a “Family Tradition” and set some Winter Solstice Intentions, then follow your progress throughout the New Year. Just jot down what energy you’d like to see come into your life and what you don’t, release the negative and bring in the positive! Close your eyes and breathe, and see your visions happening, and don’t become attached to the how or when of it all. Next put your written out intentions in a special place that you won’t forget. It’s the dark before the dawn, just like during the New Moon cycle, this can be a very potent, powerful time for some magic. Draw to you what you want, dream and desire for the New Year! After the last few years this can be something to really get into. 2014 and 2015 were both extremely rough years astrologically!

Take my advice and remember to “Set Intentions” and make some resolutions this Tuesday the 22nd on the Winter Solstice. It may be a more powerful energy then January 1st – New Years Day will be….unless you are working on a resolution around dieting, then might I suggest to wait till January 2nd to call that in.

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